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Originally Posted by Fenris447 View Post
EDIT: Find (Greater) Steed is done. They'll now function like Find Familiar. Barding is also done, and can be added to your companion through their Gear tab. Note that you'll have to manually deduct the gold cost from your hero. And the races and languages from Dominaria are also done. The monsters may have to wait a bit; if we're going to do them, we may as well do all the Plane Shift monsters. And if we're doing all the Plane Shift monsters, we may as well do all the Plane Shift stuff. I'll put it on my radar.
Thank you so much. I would have just paid for the barding with the hero then used the option to give the gear to the familiar/mount and equip it.

Question - how do I implement your additions? Will it just update or do I need to do something?
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