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Originally Posted by Polecat View Post
Hello, I was wondering when Plane Shift: Dominaria would be added? I took a break and came back. I am almost certain it was already done but I am now only seeing two of the Plane Shift books can be selected.

Arguably more importantly, can we PLEASE get "barding" added so we can put armor on our familiars and such. Barding rules are the same as standard armor but four times the cost and twice the weight (or vice versa).

I'd also like "Find Steed" and "Find Greater Steed" to be implemented the same way "Familiar" is when the Find Familiar spell is selected.

Thanks guys!
Thanks for the suggestions! Just a heads up, it's even easier for me to take in and track suggestions if they're posted to the issues page of our GitHub. I'll post these up for you, though.

Normally I'd say Dominaria is a low priority, similar to UA. But since I'm caught up on everything I wanted to do for the next release and am waiting for the Ravenloft book to release, I should have some time to do Dominaria this release.

As for Barding, I'll add it to my to-do list. It's an interesting challenge. The master (your character) should be the one paying for it, in theory. But since it's essentially the same thing as armor, it needs to be added to the minion, like your steed or familiar. Hero Lab doesn't have a way of saying "add this to the minion but charge the master's gold for it."

So I think the most doable solution is to make it armor for minions that's free, but with a reminder to deduct the gold cost from the master.

I thought about doing Find Steed and Find Greater Steed the same way as Find Familiar. But I figured it's easy enough to just add whatever creature you want to your portfolio as a mount or just from the encounter builder. But I'll see if I can find some time to set them up like Find Familiar, since it would be prettier. No promises, as I don't know if it'll have some funky interactions with other summon spells. But I'll give it a whirl.

EDIT: Find (Greater) Steed is done. They'll now function like Find Familiar. Barding is also done, and can be added to your companion through their Gear tab. Note that you'll have to manually deduct the gold cost from your hero. And the races and languages from Dominaria are also done. The monsters may have to wait a bit; if we're going to do them, we may as well do all the Plane Shift monsters. And if we're doing all the Plane Shift monsters, we may as well do all the Plane Shift stuff. I'll put it on my radar.

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