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Originally Posted by ShadowChemosh View Post
So to build on this. Does this mean all the "statblock" abilities that LW thinks are racial will come along also? In example for a Space Goblin will Tinker (Ex) & Unstable Junklaser (Ex) abilities come along?

What about for something more complex like the Drow. Will any abilities for Spell-Like abilities also come along?
Tinker is added by the Goblinoid subtype for creatures of the goblin race, and the drow version of the elf subtype adds the basic spell-like abilities, but I'd say no to Unstable Junklaser being there by default for the "just the race" version.

But yes, this is a level of complexity I hadn't gotten to when I was asking for clarification on whether I was understanding the overall project correctly, and there would be a number of decisions like these to be made in some cases.
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