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Originally Posted by jlong05 View Post
I am saying that there should be consistency on how you create an NPC that is a player race/class. Forgive me, I am not at home and so do not have my book to review, but on the surface the process should be the same.

For instance if I create a Human Bounty Hunter/Soldier as an NPC, the process for that should be the same as if I created a Drow Bounty Hunter Soldier. If that is as a custom race, selecting humanoid and then Human, it should be the same for selecting Drow. Consistency is the only way that the tool will remain functional and clear without causing unnecessary error reports due to unclear processes because you do it differently depending on which book the race originated from.
Please describe how these differ currently. For both of these, I would start with a custom NPC, and add the array, type and subtype for the character I was building. Unless I'm creating a low-CR character, the choices that were made for the CR 1 drow enforcer are probably not going to be the same as I want for a CR 8 (for example) drow I'm creating, so if I added the pre-built one, it'd take a lot of steps to suppress all the things I don't want before I could add the things I did want.
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