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Originally Posted by Mathias View Post
This is my understanding of what you are asking for. Am I correctly understanding your request?

That we create pre-built NPC races with a type and a subtype already applied, for each AA race that has a PC sidebar, plus the PC races from the core rulebook. These would exist alongside the finished NPCs, so there'd be a Barathu, Early Stage with just the type and subtype, and there'd be the existing one, with everything complete (they'd obviously have to be sorted in separate categories, so you could easily tell which was which).

So, according to the Starfinder NPC creation rules (Alien Archive pg. 126), steps 2 and 3 would be done for you by selecting one of these races, but the user would still do NPC Concept (specifically, picking a CR), step 1, and steps 4+?
So to build on this. Does this mean all the "statblock" abilities that LW thinks are racial will come along also? In example for a Space Goblin will Tinker (Ex) & Unstable Junklaser (Ex) abilities come along?

What about for something more complex like the Drow. Will any abilities for Spell-Like abilities also come along?

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