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Originally Posted by Cammagno View Post
You payed little attention to their kickstarter.
The kickstarter campaign IS NOT to found development cost of Yarps, that is internally covered by their company's money.

Kickstarter founding is asked to spead up the realease, according to a clearly shown timeline. Even if it haven't been founded, it would have been release in 2021; according to how much it raises, they can devote more dev time to its development, and it will be released earlier, or much earlier.
I think it's a very clever thing to do, and that a similar thing has to be done by LW to found further development of RW, just to say.

Speaking of the prototype, I like it. Sure it has to improve a lot, but it's in a pre-alpha phase, and it's already usable and rather interesting.

And, a thing that is very important for me, they are really very responsive to the community's imput.
No. I know software development and saw the numbers and laughed.

5k is 25 man/hours (roughly). That's 3 days. If they're claiming that will speed delivery by more than a week...

Which is why I dismissed this. They seem to be trying to hit a spot between all volunteer open source and proprietary software, but still coded by volunteers. That never works.

Just to be clear the prototype was something I could put together in an afternoon. No one, no one at all, should be backing this based on that.

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