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Originally Posted by Cammagno View Post
You payed little attention to their kickstarter.
The kickstarter campaign IS NOT to found development cost of Yarps, that is internally covered by their company's money.

Kickstarter founding is asked to spead up the realease, according to a clearly shown timeline. Even if it haven't been founded, it would have been release in 2021; according to how much it raises, they can devote more dev time to its development, and it will be released earlier, or much earlier.

I think it's a very clever thing to do, and that a similar thing has to be done by LW to found further development of RW, just to say.
Heh. LoneWolf said almost exactly the same thing. Direct from the RealmWorks Kickstarter:
Unlike many software Kickstarters, initial Realm Works development is nearly complete.
We've been evolving Realm Works for over three years and will be releasing it in July, 2013. Numerous features are already in place, as we demonstrate in the video, but there are many more we want to include in the initial release. Your support of this Kickstarter will allow us to accelerate our current development efforts so we can pack more features into the product in time for its public release.
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