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I tested a little bit and my first conclusion is as follows:

It is still a prototype, not even close to a real beta yet. So it should be considered more of a proof of concept than a ready-to-use tool. Having said that, the basic concept is solid imho and with further development it can be a real alternative to RW (IF you can accept a web-based solution. If not - why are you even reading this?).
The GUI needs getting used to - same as RW - and will surely be further streamlined. The concept of how things are related and places and NPCs are linked is nice, but does not fully replaces RWs autolinking feature. Description are not broken down in snippets but are rather long text fields, as you would see in a printed module.

So yes, it still needs work, but if they put it in and listen to the community they future may be bright. The idea hub they put up is a huge plus in my book and shows that they are willing to build the tool the users want.

Ingame tools like fog of war etc. aren't implemented yet as far as I can see. I'm waiting for these as I heavily rely on maps and pics for navigation and conveying my world. They do seems to have a few nice collaboration lined up, but we'll see.

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