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Originally Posted by TCArknight View Post

Is the free skill supposed to be at d6 level? The Helper.CoreSkill tag just ensures that the d4 rank is free. If you need the d6 to be as well, then you need to add this on the property at PreTraits/5000 before "Calc trtFinal"
#traitcreation[skNotice] += 1
With the bootstrap, that should give Notice at d6.
Thanks, TCArknight - that did the trick. For folks like me who're not as proficient, is there a way that could be automated in the original property somehow? Barring that, maybe further instructions given in the notes where the one's about copying the property are?

Also, I don't recall the option to place a script "before"/"after" being an option in the Pathfinder editor. Seems handy, though.
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