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I actually put this in the Bug Reports thread originally, then realized it's probably not a bug but rather my misunderstanding. I've used the PF editor extensively, and though I'm a rank amateur I manage to muddle through. I may be getting tripped up on differences between the SW editor and the PF editor. Or maybe not...

I'm trying to make a custom race using the editor. I added the "Free Skill d4/d6" property. The hover-over notes say to make a copy of the property and bootstrap the appropriate skill. However, that property is not directly copy-able. It has to be recreated rather than copied.

Is this intentional?

I went ahead and did so. I then bootstrapped the Notice skill to my newly formed Property, and added the property to the race (saved and tested all of them as well). But when I make a character of that race the Notice skill still shows as d4 when bought as a Core Skill, and adding a dice still costs per book value. Clearly this isn't as straightforward as it seems.

Part of the problem seems to have been that I'd already added the Core Skills to the character. When I went back and deleted Notice, it removed the one I'd manually added and replaced it with the bootstrapped one.

However, when I added a level to move it up to d6 it still deducted the cost.

So it seems like there must be a way to make this racial property work with the Core Skills, and I'm just missing it?
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