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I haven't followed the last few updates closely, so forgive if this was already adressed, but two things came to my mind:

a) Journal Entries do have a text and an image section. So far, everything in a RW topic goes in the text section. Any images are embedded in the text. This is totally fine! But I wish, if a topic has one or more images, the first image would also go to the image part of the Foundry Journal Entry. Because there I can click "Show Players".
For example, most of my NPCs do not have a statblock. Shop- and Innkeepers, Story-NPCs and such don't really need one. But they usually have an image that I want to show the players.

b) A minor issue: Initially everything imported went into a compendium. Now it just goes straight into the world. With my realm consisting of 2000+ topics, that makes Foundry load very slow. Especially for some of my players with low end hardware and sub-standard internet access.
Any chance of having a "put stuff in compendia" checkbox?

Apart from that I just want to reiterate: I can't thank you enough for your work!

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