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I got bored this week :lol: and put some hours in AB3.1 so now i have a temporary file for download, including Lizardmen. The lizardmen-data is completely stripped and only a normal army can be chozen. (no special armies at this point).
I am not a scripter so there are a few things i could not get to work properly (they could be scripted), ie.
--The first Discipline of the Ancients for a Slann is free but in AB it will show as 50 points. (09-03 Fixed. When choosing Slann it will show 225 points (instead 275) till first free Discipline is chosen
-Skink Chief save when on Stegadon can be influenced by giving him armor/shield. Save should be uninfluenced 2+/3+.
-To be able to vary the Salamander/Razordon crew from 3 to 4 i gave the crew 5 points each but it does function quite well.](09-03 Fixed. Salamanders and Razordons now show 75 points
-You can take more than 1 Kroxigor for every 8 Skinks. 16-03 Fixed
-US of Characters with Stegadons (and crew) is not accurate. Should be US10 total. (08-03 Fixed, now shows US 10 for Stegadon)
-When Kroq-Gar is present as General, a maximum of 1 unit of Cold One Cavalry should show as a Core choice. (07-03: Fixed, as choice under Kroq-Gar, again.)
-03-03: Added +1 casting and +1 dispel dice (on roster output) for Priest when mounting Ancient Stegadon
- 12-03 Fixed the save when mounted on Carnosaur
- 12-03 Removed large target for Slann
- 12-03 Fixed costs for Light Armor on Scar Vet
- 13-03 Fixed Stegadon costs for Chief
- 13-03 Fixed costs for Rod of the Storm
- 14-03 Fixed some stats.
- 14-03 Fixed the Save for Chief on Stegadons. (Light) Armor and Shield(s) can be added without improving save
- 15-03 Fixed save for Oldbood on Carnosaur
- 15-03 Fixed some more stats (Kroq-Gar, Slann, Tehen)
- 15-03 Stegadon Warspear can now only be selected when mounted. (Can still be chosen on terradon, needs fixing)
- 15-03 Fixed warning about 2 BSB's when taking Mazdamundi.
- 16-03 Fixed Shield save for Gor-Rok.
- 19-03 Fixed Revered Guardian's magic item allowance. (But still have to fix the max. magic 1 item)
- 20-03 Fixed Revered Guardian's magic allowance. Halberd and shield will react on chosing magic weapons or magic armor. (Allowance of max 1 magic item still needs fixing)
- 25-03 Removed 'Large Target' for Carnosaur and Grymloc
- 25-03 Fixed some stats
- 26-03 Fixed costs for Burning Blade of Chotec
- 27-03 Fixed Carnosaur, now S7.
- 02-04 I changed the validation-rule about using 'magic weapon & mundane weapon' into a warning.
It is allright to take a magic weapon and a mundane weapon. You just can not use the mundane one if you can use the magic ones.
But when it comes to a mundane CC-weapon and a magic ranged weapon it is allowed to have them both. (i.e. Staff of the Lost Sun/Mundane CC-weapon)

Download here

I do think Karlhunt will do a better job. I just had a week off and took a look at the datafile. So till he comes up with a better file you can use mine. Just keep in mind that it can have a few flaws.

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