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@DLG, similar to what Chemlak said, the basic functionality for calendars exist within Realm Works. In fact at the point of the Kickstarter, the foundational work for calendars was completed or near completion (Rob can clarify if needed, as I came on board after the KS). After the Kickstarter, we were able to get feedback from the Beta team on what we had in place. Based on their feedback, and our own testing, we determined that the interface needed a lot of work. The current interface is crude and clunky. Unfortunately, that meant calendars was a lot less “done” than we initially thought we were.

The calendar interface needs to be completely reworked, and that will take a healthy amount of time. So the survey was assessing whether users valued us taking that additional time on calendars, as opposed to spending the time on one of the other features that may have taken a higher priority in their minds since the release.

As for not releasing the specific results, we explained our reasons but I’ll reiterate them below:

Originally Posted by ”Realm Works Feature Survey – Charting the Future”
Please understand that we will not be publicly releasing the detailed results of the survey. The reasons for this are many. However, the most important reason is that the survey results are an influential guide for us, but not an absolute dictator. We’ll be using the survey results to help us identify the features that will make the most users the happiest, but there are other factors like available resources, market competition, partnership opportunities, and many more that we also need to weigh when prioritizing features for development. So we won’t be going exactly by the survey results, and it’s therefore best to keep that information internal.
It’s unfortunate that you think we may be deceptive about the results. I can only say that we would not willingly deceive our users like that.
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