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Fenris447 May 4th, 2021 10:28 AM

May 2021 Community Pack Update
May the Fourth be with you, everybody. Last month saw the release of update 3.2, Candlekeep and Waterdeep, with those books seeing completion in the pack. Now work is moving along on 3.3, which I’m internally calling Toasted Ravs.

This release is focusing on Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica and Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft (which releases on the 18th). But since I finished Ravnica quickly enough, I’ve taken some time to add a few more things from the backlog, including some stuff from Acquisitions, Incorporated and Princes of the Apocalypse. Below are the major items. A full list of what’s been added, changed, and fixed can always be found on the pack’s Github pending changes page.

Edit: This progress has been updated as of 5/19
  • AI Monsters - 100%
  • AI Items - 75% - These will likely be deferred to the next release.
  • AI Ranks and Positions - 30% - These will likely be deferred to the next release.
  • GGtR Monsters - 100%
  • GGtR Items and Charms - 100%
  • PotA Monsters - 100%
  • VRGtR Monsters - 5%
  • VRGtR Backgrounds - 100%
  • VRGtR Items - 100%
  • VRGtR Lineages - 100%
  • VRGtR Subclasses - 100%
  • VRGtR Dark Gifts - 0%
  • VRGtR Survivors - 100%

Other Goodies
Following some suggestions (please go here to make one or report a bug!), I’ve added a handful of adjustments and features. Some of them are:
  • Enhancements to Find Steed and Find Greater Steed to work like Find Familiar
  • Hide entire categories of deities adjustment
  • Double proficiency (aka expertise) adjustment
  • Barding, the armor for familiars and companions. You’ll add this to the creature in the Gear tab, and manually deduct the gold cost from your Hero
  • Minor racial and language adds for Plane Shift: Dominaria

Speaking of Plane Shift...
Plane Shift lives in a funky place. It’s from WotC, but it’s also not quite “official 5e” stuff in the same sense as the regular books, or even Ravnica or Theros, the main D&D/MtG crossovers. So they’re a lower priority than the other books we need to catch up on. But they are there, and we have supported them in the past in the pack. So I’m considering adding them to my backlog, to try and program the remaining races, monsters, etc. once the other official stuff is done. I don’t have a timeline on it, but it’s on the list.

Tasha’s Spells
I need your help. We currently only open up the Tasha’s spells if you add the Expanded Spell List variant class feature to your class, following the book. But if people feel strongly, we can also implement them the same way as we do Xanathar’s; if you select the Tasha’s Source, they’ll be there on the proper spell lists automatically. Please share your preference at this poll.

Looking Ahead
Once Ravenloft comes out, I’ll get to work on programming it. If I’m not done with the outstanding AI items, I’ll probably put them on hold, so that I can get Ravenloft finished and all of the completed stuff out the door ASAP.

After that, we’ll be on 3.4. Without knowing what the next book is or when it’ll release, it’s tough to determine what the focus of 3.4 will be. Suffice it to say, it’ll have any remaining AI stuff, plus the remaining content from either Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount or Mythic Odysseys of Theros.

The other thing that’s becoming clear is that a dragon-centric book is coming. Between the recent Draconic Options UA and the dragon-themed subclasses from the 2020 Subclasses, Part 5 UA, it’s pretty obvious that there’s a theme going on. If they announce it, I’ll probably move forward with building out the UA versions of all that stuff, so we can have a jump start on the official versions.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed with bugs and suggestions. Keep ‘em coming! We’re getting closer to being caught up on every book, and then we can simultaneously relax and go crazy with more features, UA, and (possibly) 3rd party content.

Enforcer84 May 5th, 2021 08:23 PM

You're a machine, man!

Fenris447 May 6th, 2021 06:59 AM

Thanks! I’ve built tools to make programming this stuff easier. The biggest time sink is still rewriting all the text to strip fluff and avoid copyright issues. But other than that stuff, adding monsters and items keeps getting faster and faster.

Fenris447 May 13th, 2021 06:53 AM

I slowed down since I posted this. Real life is taking over a bit. That’s all to say that I likely won’t have the rest of AI done for this release. Which, to be honest, wasn’t in the original plan for the release so I don’t feel too guilty about it haha.

The table of contents for Ravenloft came out. It looks like we’ll get:
  • Monsters - ~32, including reprints
  • Subclasses - No surprises, just the two we already saw in UA
  • Lineages - Again, no surprises, just what we saw in UA
  • Backgrounds - Haunted One and Investigator, both of which are reprints
  • Dark Gifts - Unknown number. But I have a pipeline set up for pushing Supernatural Gifts, which we treat these as.

For the UA and reprints, the workload shouldn’t be crazy. There will almost definitely be tweaks from UA, and as Tasha’s demonstrated, reprints may also get tweaks (which will probably be errata’d into their original source). The monsters and dark gifts will have text to rewrite, so they’ll be the biggest chunk of work. But I’m still confident we’ll have a release ready by end of May.

Fenris447 May 18th, 2021 03:17 PM

To update you all on Ravenloft, I have the book in hand. Backgrounds are done. There was more to do there than expected, with a whole new set of bonds, flaws, etc. that can be used by any character, background features that can replace those of any background, and a totally new Investigator that isn't the same as the SCAG one.

I've got the subclasses updated and will do the lineages soon. The bad news on lineages is their Ancestral Legacy trait. They allow you to retain skill proficiencies and movement types from whatever race the lineage is replacing, if any. Since there's no way to select both a race and a lineage (we kinda have to treat the lineages as races), there's no way to select a replaced race and pull their skills and special movement types. I'll add a note to Ancestral Legacy calling out the Adjustments that can be used to add back that stuff to your character.

The Dark Gifts were surprisingly detailed, so that's gonna take some time to program. They're not as simple as the Dark Gifts in Curse of Strahd. Also there's Survivors, mini-character stat blocks with 3 levels and talents (basically feats). I think I know how I'll do them, but they'll take a hot minute, too. And the monsters have a ton of new stuff, including variants and optional features, which will require some extra love.

I'm still hoping to get this done this month, but we're probably looking at end of month rather than in the next week or so.

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