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The_Traveller August 23rd, 2020 12:10 PM

Help Setting up a new D&D 5e Realm
So with the possibility of there being a chance that sometime in the near future on a yet to be determined date we may be allowed to be in the same room with other people I was planning to setup a new D&D master realm.

In this case it would contain all the core mechanics sections (classes, races, items, spells, etc). I will then export this realm as the basis for the adventure realms (One for each book, One for each AL season, etc).

Now, while I own at least 2 copies of all the core rule books (PHB, DMG, MM, XGtE, MToF) I was not going to type all that it. I'm using the import tool and that website that has already converted the books into json files.

Among my issues is the best way to layout the various sections when planning my imports. Has anyone ever done this before, i'd love some suggestions.

Farling August 23rd, 2020 12:48 PM

Realm Works has D&D 5E structure definition available which you can select when you first create a realm.

Based on that structure, you can map the json fields to the corresponding fields of each particular RW category.

The_Traveller August 23rd, 2020 01:23 PM

Thanks for the quick response Farling.

I am using the 5e realm, but I'm looking for some suggestions for things like "Magic Items" for example. The base category is pretty generic, do people create different ones for armor/shields, weapons, etc. I'm trying to make it so I don't need to have the books with me. I use a laptop and portable monitor (for player view) so the more detail i have in RW the easier it is for me to carry things. And my FLGS has a few TVs available to use for player view.

I've already made some design decisions. For the beasties, i'm only loading Names, sources, pages, and pictures. I'm going to go back and create HL entries to the creature details.


Exmortis August 24th, 2020 04:33 AM

Those choices are really up to you, and the amount of input you wish to do for the campaign. The more you enter into RW the more you can share and less you have to write on paper.

If your players are using a character tool such as HeroLab or another, a simple name and page reference works as they will simply add items to their char. If they do not, it is a handy place for them to have the info.

I love having the beasties in RW, as I can share bits and pieces based on successful skill rolls, thus over time the party may end up with a complete monster write up after a few encounters. I also will oft open up bits based on use against the party, especially when opposing skill checks ID the actions.

As much as RW has been left to the ages to rot by its developers, one of its best features remains; its flexibility. You can do what makes sense to you, and not me or Farling, we could input the same adventure and have it organized totally differently, yet all would be right.

Tip - Use linking to avoid having to enter more than once, I organize my stuff much like an old school DnD module, this way I have adventure specific link to the appendices and everything linking back to the game world. My adventure, though has its own topic structure, links to the world for every location; so city, town, dungeon, NPCs in a town, etc; all of these are within the main game world. as Adventures are played, they are then part of the history of the world, subsequent adventures could have players hear about and even pass through areas they previous saw with other characters, and it will be like they left it. They killed off the shop owner, that shop is still vacant.

Design everything the way it makes sense to you, and you cannot go wrong.

damexican August 25th, 2020 08:00 AM

Personal i just went they same way the 5E System Reference Document (SRD) that you can downland in the market place when for layout and location of items like magic items or gear.

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