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McTaff April 2nd, 2020 12:23 PM

Dice Roller for PC HeroLab
With the recent switch to online gaming that has been required, I'd like to ask again (as others have done) for an array roller in Hero Lab. The mobile app versions have it - it would be awesome if the desktop could too.

My weapon attack and damage rolls are slightly more complex than the average level 1 barbarian, and there are no plugins out there that can track things like Bless, Enlarge and so on dynamically - and besides, Hero Lab does this already!
I would recommend it hang off the In Play tab, with a button for "all" and also individual ones (as people may wish to make trip, bull rush attempts).

Bonus points if there could be an output dump to something like Roll20 or Discord, that would aggregate the rolls into a nicely parsed unit and formatted for a chat window (a small sized copyable/draggable image would be awesome, Discord can take drag-and-drop images) with your name, the "weapon attacks" and the results.

As a group, we have always had some pride in showing our rolls to everyone and online there is literally no visibility for us to display our rolls.

Yes, I know macros exist in Roll20. I made one for four attacks (not withstanding Power Attack, Bless, Bulls Strength and all the other modifiers I can't include) and it spits out a wall of text that takes up the entire chat window.

Please consider this, I know I'm not the only one out there that needs this.

BJ April 2nd, 2020 12:27 PM

I can't make any promises but I'll pass it on to the devs. :)

Azhrei April 3rd, 2020 10:37 AM


Originally Posted by McTaff (Post 287526)
Yes, I know macros exist in Roll20. I made one for four attacks (not withstanding Power Attack, Bless, Bulls Strength and all the other modifiers I can't include) and it spits out a wall of text that takes up the entire chat window.

You might take a look at MapTool instead (the same folks that brought you TokenTool).

It looks like it came out of the 90's (a new UI is in the works), but the macro system is great. People have built initiative systems, calendars, condition trackers, and all kinds of things. (I have some custom macros for the campaign I run that extract info from a HeroLab portfolio and populate the properties of both PC and NPC tokens.)

*Disclaimer: I'm on the dev team, although I haven't submitted much code lately. Still, I'm pretty biased towards our free program that has already been translated by our users into eleven languages besides English.

Ualaa April 3rd, 2020 02:31 PM

Or, depending on if your house is a smart house or not...

"Alexa roll a 20 sided die".

McTaff April 6th, 2020 03:04 PM

Thanks for the replies.

As a follow up:

If I am level 11 with 3 iterative attacks, plus 2 off hand attacks with a secondary weapon, and then I am Enlarged, Hasted and have Bless, that is an awful lot of modifiers I have to keep track of outside of Hero Lab.

The point is, Roll20 has a character sheet, but I already have Hero Lab running. So why would I need to keep adjusting both?
Ideally, if Roll20 was an app-based program it would make it easier to either get HeroLab to talk to it and post all roll results, but that isn't possible. Discord is probably more possible but I have no idea whether there is a market for that.

So if I could simply punch a button (or several buttons in order) and have a small dinky picture be created that is treated as a file (or a file icon displayed) then I could drag it into Discord and like magic the results array I have created could be shown.

(Or, you know, Realm Works could be stood up again and that then made into a full VTT... :P )

Thanks again BJ. I hope this is something that can be done. Our group far prefers using Hero Lab and we love it.

Ualaa April 6th, 2020 08:16 PM

If you equip a main-hand weapon and then an off-hand weapon.
And give yourself at least +11 BAB.

For the second off-hand attack is that due to Haste or Improved Two-Weapon Fighting and then Haste is on top of that?

Enlarge, Haste and Bless are available on the Adjust tab.

Check the various boxes for the calculations.


Well -- if you're running Roll20 remotely and want it to do the calculations, you'd need to set that up.
Hero Lab will show you your various bonuses on each of the attacks.

I was excited for Hero Lab online, because one of things advertised was a URL to a live character sheet that the assorted VTT programs could read in real time.
So you'd be able to adjust whatever options (check things) on the Adjust and In-Play tabs on the character sheet, and then have the VTT read all the bonuses in real time.

Still haven't seen Pathfinder 1e make the jump to Hero Lab Online, but hopefully soon.

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