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Tohmaturge July 12th, 2021 08:12 AM

Campaign Theater & Dice Roller feature suggestions
Wassup gents !

Overall I'm a huge fan of the Campaign Theater. My players are not super rule-savvy so having the extra support from the system is super effective.

I don't know if these suggestions were ever listed somewhere but I'm noting them to see if there's any interest from the rest of the HLO Starfinder community.

- When decrementing Stamina points below 0, the exceeding damage would be directly applied to Hit points. Currently, if SP are at 20 and HP at 80, when applying 30 damage, you gotta remove 20 SP and then manually remove 10 HP.

- When rolling damage with a weapon with ammunitions/batteries/charges, automatically decrement the number of "bullets" in the gun. Currently, you gotta decrement them manually by clicking the minus button

- When applying a "condition" (ex: staggered, entangled, etc.), indicate a number of rounds that would automatically decrement with each round of the Campaign Theater Stage and would automatically remove the effect.

- When casting a spell, allow spell caster to roll their spell damage directly in the spell panel (just like you can with weapons)

- When a monster is reduced to 0 HP, remove them from the stage automatically

- When an attack roll gets a 20 on the dice, automatically apply the critical instead of having to check the "crit" checkbox. Ideally, rolling a 20 would change the color of the result in the UI so it makes it more obvious that a 20 was rolled. Currently, it's too easy to miss critical damage.

- Using the "Roll Custom Dice" feature requires too many clicks to select the appropriate dice. You gotta edit the roll, click on the dice, select the dice. If we would just click on dice icons and "build a roll" by clicking two times on a d12 instead. Another suggestion would be to allow customer to type in their roll just like we can in Roll20 / Foundry (ex: /roll 2d12+54)

Overall, my main recommendation is to do as much as possible to reduce the number of clicks required to manage encounters (Applying damage, adding/removing conditions, calculating rolls, etc)

What do you think about my suggestions ?

Thanks in advance my dudes

Tohmaturge July 12th, 2021 08:28 AM

Thanks to the admins for deleting the duplicate thread :D

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