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TCArknight December 22nd, 2020 09:18 AM

Another Gizmo question
Ok, stepping back from the Lifepath and looking elsewhere for inspiration, I see a concept that makes me wonder.

The hero is a pilot of a Mecha. The Mecha has two forms, a Humanoid Robot and a Vehicle.

Is there a way for each form to have some of the same weapons using one gizmo share between the two forms?

Or can a component have multiple gizmos? one for the form, and one for the weapons type

TCArknight February 21st, 2021 02:29 PM

@Mathias - Am I correct that this is possible?

Main component - Base vehicle
* Gizmo 1 - Vehicle Modes - tags base vehicle with mode to allow for active weapons
* Gizmo 2 - Vehicle Weapons
** Vehicle Weapons - conditional bootstrap based on active Mode

Is that doable in the normal Gizmo setup?

Mathias February 21st, 2021 03:24 PM

No, gizmos are 0-1 per item. You can have lots of tables within the same gizmo - so you could have a table for "humanoid form only abilities", and an autotag on that table. Then, if you're in vehicle form, you use a foreach to search for all items with that tag, and assign a disable tag to them.

Or you could have a checkbox for "vehicle only", or a drop-down on each item added to the gizmo for "vehicle only", "mecha only", "both forms".

So for your second question, what you're calling gizmo 1 and gizmo 2 can just be two different tables within the same gizmo.

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