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Arjon Smithson October 9th, 2018 06:44 PM

Custom items available to multiple characters
After losing all my custom items (due to my own stupidity in not backing them up) I have started recreating them in HeroLab. This time, I thought I would keep it simple and save everything in a single user file (Named '1_Custom.user) However I have a modified spell which is used by three different characters.

If I create the spell in 1 portfolio using the editor, is there a way to get it to show up in all of my characters? Currently if I switch to a portfolio other than the one I created it, the spell doesn't show up in my available spells to add to my spellbook.

ShadowChemosh October 9th, 2018 08:04 PM

A spell created in the editor is available to all characters as user files are adding to the game system not to a character.

My guess is you added a "Source" for your custom items/houserules. And on you didn't turn that source on when you opened the other character. If this is true just open the other character and press CTRL-K to open the "Configure Your Hero" window and turn on your houserule source. :)

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