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TygerxEyes July 19th, 2021 06:21 PM

Realm Works - Status & Features

I read that development on Realm Works has stopped. Is this true?

If so is it temporary staffing issue? Is it terminal without plans for anything new? Or is this the result to a shift toward Online Version of Realm Works (aka like Hero Labs went from downloadable to online)?

I am new to the forum and wonder whether there is a point to requesting-suggesting new features for software that is terminal status without plans to restart or shift to Online Realm Works?


Maidhc O Casain July 23rd, 2021 06:44 PM

Development of RealmWorks has halted, for the foreseeable future and likely forever. That happened a year or more ago.

That said, there was an update quite recently that squished a few of the biggest remaining bugs, so it does still get some very occasional developer time - just not any for adding new features.

IMO, it's still the best campaign management software on the market. HLO is NOT a replacement - it is primarily character management and game management software, and doesn't have nearly the world building and overall campaign management capabilities that RealmWorks does. They each have their place.

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