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Unoeye August 4th, 2021 04:27 PM

Encumbrance Issues
Starfinder encumbrance limit is supposed to be half the characters strength score. Is that rounded up/down or exact? For a strength score of 21, is the encumbrance limit 10.5 Bulk? Additionally the industrial backpack is supposed to add 2 to the strength score for encumbrance purposes effectively adding 1 Bulk that can be carried.

Also, 10 items of light bulk (L) add up to 1 Bulk.

Herolab online says my character is carrying 11 Bulk, but I manually add up 6.9 Bulk.

It appears that Herolab online may be counting the weapon weight separately from the battery weight for powered items, but that still wouldn't account for the almost 5 extra Bulk I can't find! Any suggestions?

Unoeye August 10th, 2021 05:23 PM

I figured it out. The character had 5250 UPBs in wealth and each 1000 UPBs counted as 1 Bulk. Therefore he had 5.25 Bulk I didn't realize he had. I discovered UPBs can be purchased as an item which can then be stored elsewhere appropriately instead of adding UPBs as wealth in the journal along with credits. Sheesh.

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