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harkan March 22nd, 2006 01:41 AM

Two bugs reported onto the AB40K site
Some-one has posted these for Babylon 5 over at the 40k files site!!


Originally Posted by jancoran
Brostilli Warbase should have 12 Starsnakes and 6 Sky Serpents.

Kotha Flights should be defaulted for Milani/Marata's at 4 and 2 repectively. In fact letting the user up or down the number would help with Campaigns where such things must be replaced...


Originally Posted by jancoran
In Campaign Mode, the Fleet Allocation points maximum (10) does not apply after the initial fleet has been created. Deleting that limit might help.

In addition, the program is not correctly counting FAP's. In a Campaign of 10 Point War Fleets, a Tiraca is not 1 FAP, it is 4 per Point for example.

Perhaps within each ship "Point" you buy, you can give the option within it to "add Tiraca's" without changing the FAP any, almost like a free "upgrade". That way we can customize it to our Fleet.

When we have only one Tiraca left, we can reduce that number to one on the list. If we buy four more, we simply purchase a new fleet point, as if a new unit, and "add units" until it says three.

Alternately, you could give an option within each FAP purchase that specifies "Number/FAP". The player can enter it, and add up to that amount of them before having to go buy another FAP of them.

Also, there is a need for the Other Duties and Refits to be able to be added to a ship. This is another good reason to do the "Add units' type of thing since each one can be "armed" with different and even MULTIPLES of the same or similar "upgrades".

deathlynx March 22nd, 2006 05:38 AM

Weird...The fighters don't seem to be working as they should...I'll have to check on this...(I expirimented with a Victory and came up with 7 Starfuries???)...I'll look into the fighter issues...

All you have to do to change the fleet size after the initial save is to go to "Roster" on the menu and select "Change Fleet Size"...

Also due to the changing nature of the "points" in ACTA I chose to simply have every selection as a single unit...you can squadron them however you choose as I left the "use squads" available...If you check the points they should come up properly...if they are not (with the exception of one unballanced multi selection) please let me know as something in the script has broken down...

deathlynx March 26th, 2006 07:27 AM

I found out the answer to the fighters issue...It'll be fixed in the upcoming release...

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