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Jahlor November 30th, 2015 12:59 PM

Q: Is there any plan to fix Min/Max attribute fields?
Is there any intention to remove the coding that makes the editor automatically use racMax*** - 5 whenever this value is higher than the indicated racMin***?

Since attributes took a lower importance in 4th and 5th editions (and I outgrew my minmax phase), I discussed with my GM about a 3rd Ed Otaku character I had and we settled on a -1/+1 to Natural Maximums for Physical and Mental attributes and no bonus points (Otaku in 3E could get -2/+2 and 3 bonus points at character gen if their physicals were all at minimum values), but when I try to create a custom race to adjust the trNatMax or racMax***, it automatically increases their minimum too.

If someone wants to offer help with an eval script, I believe it would be the trNatMax traits that will need to be altered but I haven't had enough experience with the editor to do much with scripts and have failed on most attempts to create custom stuff with evals. I will likely copy the Technomancer Heritage for this instead of an independent Quality in case I ever get the optional rule of not counting Heritage cost against max Qualities.

Mathias November 30th, 2015 02:24 PM

Every race in the core rulebook and run faster obeys the Min = Max - 5 (min 1) rule of thumb, so I don't consider that a mistake - it's a convenience that saves a lot of typing when creating a new race, since you don't have to enter two values for each attribute.

If you're creating a new race in the editor, there are boxes available for the minimums, and if you fill those in, you override the default value, so I'm not sure what it is you're trying to accomplish or how you're trying to accomplish it.

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