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Bob G July 11th, 2020 09:22 PM

Adjustment to Disarm combat maneuver
Hi Hero Lab heroes,

I have this script, which is working well:
<Final 27000>

~ abValue equal to Sleight of Hand
    field[abValue].value += hero.childfound[skSleight].field[skTotal].value
~abValue2 stores CMB bonus
    field[abValue2].value += hero.childfound[Maneuver].field[tCMB].value

And now, I want to apply the results of the script to the hero's CMB for the Disarm combat maneuver. So I tried this:

~ change disarm bonus to equal Slight of Hand total bonus
if (field[abValue2].value < field[abValue].value) then

hero.childfound[manDisarm].field[manCMB].value = field[abValue].value


But the adjusted CMB for Disarm doesn't appear in the UI. Can anyone tell me why? I believe it is a timing issue, but don't know what phase I need to select for the second bit of script.

Dami July 11th, 2020 10:58 PM

I think you are posting in the wrong forum. There's no editor for HLO.

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