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caseybcrocker August 1st, 2019 04:05 AM

Barbarian's Intimidating Presence
I'm a DM and I use the optional skill rolls when it seems most reasonable (i.e., strength based intimidation over charisma based intimidation for a 7' goliath barbarian).

I've changed the skill base through a permanent adjustment, but how do I change it for Intimidating Presence DC? Can I?

To be clear as to what I'm asking for help on: the DC for Intimidating Presence is charisma based and I'd like to make it strength based.

Thanks for your help! This forum has always been so helpful!

dungeonguru August 1st, 2019 03:47 PM

Here's an adjustment that will change the actual DC number from the old attribute to the new attribute for abilities that use the StandardDC process - not all abilities are coded the same, so it "might" fail spectacularly on random abilities. It will also NOT change the text description on the ability.

You can copy/paste this code directly into your own custom.user file at the end after the last </thing> and before </document>, you *might* want to change the thing id. to something less gibberish.


<thing id="pLFCSAAO" name="Class Special Ability Attribute Override" description="Use this adjustment to override the DC on a class ability" compset="InPlay">
    <fieldval field="pUsePicks" value="1"/>
    <fieldval field="pUsePicks2" value="1"/>
    <fieldval field="pCandExpr2" value="component.BaseAttr"/>
    <tag group="Adjustment" tag="ClassAbil"/>
    <tag group="Helper" tag="NoIncr" name="NoIncr" abbrev="NoIncr"/>
    <tag group="OthAdjCat" tag="SpecAbil"/>
    <eval phase="PreLevel" priority="10000">      doneif (field[pIsOn].value = 0)
      doneif (field[pChosen].ischosen = 0)
      doneif (field[pChosen2].ischosen = 0)
      ~ delete the original DC calculation on the ability in box 1
      perform field[pChosen].chosen.delete[StandardDC.?]
      ~ pull the DC calculation tag from the attribute chosen in box 2
      perform field[pChosen2].chosen.pulltags[StandardDC.?]
      ~ push the tags we got onto the ability in box 1
      perform field[pChosen].chosen.pushtags[StandardDC.?]</eval>

I have some ideas on how to create a second script to replace the text "Charisma modifier" with "CHOSENATTRIBUTE modifier".
Somewhere in the Render Phase you would need to play with a script that had lines of code like this:


var oldatt as text
var newatt as text
... some lines of code to get the attribute name fields
oldatt &= " modifier"
newatt &= " modifier"
field[CustDesc].text = replace(field[CustDesc].text,oldatt,newatt,0)

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