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SpecimenBiscuit March 5th, 2019 01:25 PM

Trouble changing between licensed game systems
I have purchased two licenses for Hero Lab, Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons 5th SRD. I purchased Pathfinder in 2012 and D&D5e in 2017.

When I purchased my D&D license I hadn't used Hero Lab in many years and so when I downloaded Hero Lab fresh I submitted the e-mail license code sent to me after the D&D purchase. I was able to create and save my D&D characters without issue.

Within the past couple of weeks I joined a Pathfinder campaign and went to work on a Pathfinder character, where it informed me I was in demo mode. So I input my license code from my original e-mail in 2012. I was then able to load Pathfinder and create and save a character without issue.

I then went to build another D&D character and was informed I am in Demo Mode.

I have taken a look at my licenses as listed at: https://www.lonewolfdevel.com/user/viewall.asp. Both licenses I purchased are listed there.

I've tried reading through the licensing FAQs but I guess I don't feel like my specific question has been addressed. I'm also not sure I understand everything in the FAQ to be honest.

I appreciate any help or clarification anyone can offer.

Mathias March 6th, 2019 08:25 AM

I would recommend contacting support@wolflair.com, because it sounds as though you may have purchased two full copies of Hero Lab, each with a different free first game system, instead of purchasing an add-on to add 5e to your existing Hero Lab license. Support may be able to combine the two licenses into one.

SpecimenBiscuit March 7th, 2019 11:01 AM

Thanks for the reply Mathias. I have sent them an e-mail with the information. Hopefully they can get me sorted out.

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