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cryptfeller November 28th, 2021 08:10 PM

Adding heightened spell to repertoire
Hi, I was just trying to figure out how to add a heightened spell to my character's repertoire. For example, I'd like to add Heal heightened to 2nd level as one of my picks as a 3rd level Oracle, so that I can choose it as a signature spell.

I see that the interface allows any spell to be chosen as a 2nd level signature spell, but as I understand the rules, only an actual (heightened or otherwise) 2nd level spell should be able to be chosen?

I suppose the workaround is just to take a spell at its original level, consider it to be the heightened, level, then pick the other spells you should have access to? That'll result in errors/warnings though, so some method of officially learning heightened spells would be nice. Is there some way to do this already, and I just missed it? Thanks!

Daniel V November 29th, 2021 09:27 AM

Once you add a spell to your character, there will be an incrementer on it in the "Heighten" column of the spellcasting table it was added to. If you bump that up to 2, it'll then be a valid 2nd level signature spell choice (and be one of your 2nd level repertoire spell slots).

cryptfeller November 29th, 2021 09:47 AM

Aha, I see that option now, and it removes the errors and warnings for too many spells at a level. Thanks!

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