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Aaron May 12th, 2015 12:26 PM

Version 11.4 of the Pathfinder files for Hero Lab is now available!
Release 11.3 adds more pathfinder unchained content (scaling items), the first half of the Iron Gods AP GM content package, and various bugfixes, while 11.4 is a hotfix to correct an error with unarmed strikes introduced in 11.3. Enjoy!

Enhancements & Changes
  • Chapters 1-3 of the Iron Gods package is now available for purchase! This includes all the encounters from the first three issues of the AP, in an easy to search format and with paizo's art. The latter half of the AP will be released as a free update to complete the package in a few weeks. As with the Rise of the Runelords GM content, no additional packages are required to make use of these portfolios, even though they draw on races from the Bestiary and other sources!
  • The Scaling items from Pathfinder Unchained have been added as a free update for those with the Pathfinder Unchained package!

Beginner Box Bug Fixes
  • The descriptions of cause fear and sleep were updated to incorporate errata.
  • The Pathfinder society ID field needed more space, it has been updated from 6 to 10 digits.
  • The Fighter was incorrectly getting good Will saves.
  • Item Powers like Bane were not showing their name correctly.

Bug Fixes
  • Secondary classes were adding to CR.
  • The unchained version of Major Magic wasn't fulfilling the pre-reqs for Dispelling Attack.
  • NPC classes were showing as valid for PFS play.
  • Trapfinding was showing a the wrong value for a multiclassed character with the ability replaced by an archetype.
  • Elemental Fist was showing an incorrect number of uses/day for an unchained monk.
  • The Minute Meteors bloodline ability was showing on the wrong line in the statblock.
  • The Froghemoth was missing its reach note about long tongue reach, and had the slowed by electricity ability on the wrong line.
  • The Star Monarch was missing its reach note about long tail reach.
  • The Xill's paralysis ability was not being displayed with the correct variable duration.
  • The Slam attack of the Worm that Walks template was doing too much damage.
  • The Colour out of Space was displaying disintigrating touch incorrectly in the statblock, and there was no template to apply effects to a creature blighted by them.
  • The Wyvaran's slapping tail ability incorrectly had a range of 120.
  • Natural weapons that automatically set their number to the number of hands the hero has (such as claws granted to a skeleton) were sometimes not showing that correctly in the statblock.
  • Some Hazards would put out incorrect text for their secondary effects.
  • Custom racial abilities added to configurables (like the various Ghost abilities) were not showing in the output hero statblock.
  • Equipment set weapon choosers could not choose weapon like special abilities.
  • Equipment sets were not recognizing when a natural weapon (such as the Xill's claws) ignored the equipping of manufactured weapons.
  • Grenades of various sorts were not showing up as combat gear in the statblock.
  • Various Technological suits of armor were marked as always masterwork (rather than only power armor), so they were not gaining ACP reduction when made magical or masterwork.
  • Various Technological items needed to switch the ordering of their names and remove the comma when displayed in a statblock.
  • CSCountAs tags were not generating correctly for user made classes.
  • The Gearsman's Charge Weapon ability was not limiting itself to melee weapons.
  • Certain races with touch range telepathy were not showing telepathy at all!
  • The Ghost's Corrupting Touch was not showing as an attack on the weapons tab, and the Telekinesis ability of the same was missing its DC.
  • The Void domain's It Came From Beyond ability was not showing correctly in the statblock.
  • The investigator wasn't qualifying correctly for alchemist talents.
  • Half-orcs weren't showing the orc skull ram as a martial weapon.

Data File Authoring
  • Added the abDuraDiSz and abDuraDiBn fields, in conjunction with the existing abDuration field and abDuration tags, they allow a variable duration of an ability to be specified.
  • Improved natural attack can now select weapon like special abilities.

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