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Fuzzy January 16th, 2021 08:57 PM

Ideas to have two animal companions?
So, I'm building an Inquisitor (Sacred Huntmaster) with the Chivalry Inquisition. Sacred Huntmaster adds an Animal Companion from the Hunter class. The Chivalry Inquisition adds a Mount from the Cavalier class. Hero lab doesn't allow adding both. Is there something simple like an adjustment that can add one, or is it best to simply duplicate the character and have a different AC added to the other one?

For clarity, while MOST animal companion abilities just stack effective druid levels onto a singular animal companion, the FAQ for the Cavalier does differentiate it a bit, such that if the non-mount animal companion is not compatible with the Mount class feature, they can be separate animals that level separately based on the individual class abilities. I just don't see a way to split up the abilities in Hero Lab.

Fuzzy January 16th, 2021 09:15 PM

I did find the hero.MultiComp tag, made a quick adjustment to add it, and it looks like I can make this work. It will give a validation error because their combined level is too high, but I guess I can ignore that for now.

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