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liz October 25th, 2013 10:54 AM

Army Builder Roster Viewer App Has Arrived!
Your armies have arrived! The Army Builder Roster Viewer for iPhone and iPad is now available in the iTunes app store.

This new, free app provides you with multiple views of your saved rosters, including a standard print-style list, a "card view" with individual cards for each unit, a mobile view optimized for use on the iPhone, or a simple text summary, tournament summary or model list.

We've integrated with Dropbox to make it as easy as possible to view your rosters. Instead of emailing yourself a PDF or transferring files via iTunes, simply save your rosters to Dropbox and have them instantly appear on your iPhone or iPad! Linking your free Dropbox account to the Roster Viewer lets your iPhone or iPad immediately see the list of rosters you’ve saved. If you're planning on playing more than one game in a day, loading multiple rosters onto your iPad is as simple as saving them all to your Dropbox!

Please note that this app is only a viewer for saved rosters. It does not let you create or edit rosters on your iPad or iPhone, only view those created on your desktop or laptop. The Army Builder Roster Viewer should work on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running iOS5 or higher (including all iPads, the iPhone 3GS and newer, and the third-generation iPod touch and newer). Additionally, rosters must be saved with the latest version of Army Builder (v3.4c).

For our Android fans: The Roster Viewer will initially only be available for Apple devices. However, we’re investigating the possibility of creating an Android app with matching functionality, so keep your eye on our monthly newsletter for further updates.

elvendarkness February 24th, 2014 06:16 PM

What is the possibility of a full functioning version of Army Builder being available for Apple? I would assume you would sell a lot if offered up for say the Apple iPad. That said I am sure this question has been asked before... Just curious, thank you in advance!

liz February 25th, 2014 09:56 AM

That is something we definitely would like to do down the line, but it's not currently in development. If we start work on the app, we'll be screaming it from the rooftops. :)

elvendarkness February 25th, 2014 05:27 PM

Yes! I too would be screaming it off the rooftops! I know I recently purchased an iPad Air and for some reason thought from the news I heard that a full version was available for the iPad but then I learned it was just the reader which honestly I don't use at all. Don't get me wrong I'm sure it's nice to have but for me I don't use it at all.

iamheath March 19th, 2014 03:15 PM

Any plans to make an app for the android operating system? Sorry if this has already been asked.

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