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rob March 19th, 2020 07:21 AM

Character Sheet Output Improvements
The purpose of this thread is to solicit suggestions for what information you'd like to see added and/or organized/presented differently within the character sheet output for Starfinder. You'll find separate threads for each game system, so please limit your feedback to Starfinder in this thread.

PLEASE NOTE! We are not planning to make character sheets customizable in the near future, nor are we planning to make drastic changes at this time. So please focus on improvements within the current general framework within this thread - i.e. things we can hopefully address in relatively short order.


thaX March 20th, 2020 06:39 AM

Put the HP/Stamina/Resolve in the correct order on the sheet.

zebulon8 March 22nd, 2020 11:01 AM

Engineering skill should show both with tools and without tools option.

I have a character who occasionally assists with engineering who doesn't own tools himself, but will have access to tools while assisting. I always forget to add 2 more to my check because when I read the sheet, it is not clear that the minus 2 is included.

Anytime situational-based penalties are included in skill totals, we should be notified, both online and in the printout.

flyteach March 22nd, 2020 03:26 PM

1. Make it (or make an option) for a single sheet output. Not all of us have PDF editors to do it for themselves and it's a pain to have multiple sheets open at one time.
2. Actually put Gear information in the "Gear and Abilities" section.
These were both available until the format was changed last summer.

thaX March 23rd, 2020 06:55 PM

Flyteach... Are you asking for a Stat Block type of printout?

flyteach March 24th, 2020 01:23 PM

I think I misread.....when I saw "output" I was thinking PDF. Now I'm not so sure. Is this really about display of the character sheet in the Play tab?

dacoobob March 24th, 2020 02:16 PM

@flyteach: this thread is about the PDF printout.

charlieluce March 24th, 2020 05:47 PM

I think what flyteach was asking for was the option to have the PDF output in one big file instead of two to four smaller ones.

dacoobob March 24th, 2020 08:47 PM

There is already the "Generate Statblock" option...

flyteach March 25th, 2020 01:09 PM


Originally Posted by thaX (Post 287213)
Flyteach... Are you asking for a Stat Block type of printout?

No, I'm asking for all the information that was presented in the version before it was broken up into separate parts and parts are incomplete.

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