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Mathias November 8th, 2009 05:22 PM

New update 11/8
A new update of the d20 files was posted today. It improves the way the improved familiar feat is handled, and includes all the improved familiar races listed in the feat's description.

A big thanks to huntercc for doing the data entry on all those races.

A note - since one of the options for improved familiars is celestial/fiendish familiars, to get one of those, select the familiar's race as usual, then go to the "Class Level" list and select one of those templates (or reverse the order of those steps) - on a familiar, the templates will enforce the improved familiar, level 3, and alignment restrictions. This means that if you (or the adventure paths, etc.) have added a new familiar race, you don't need to make fiendish and celestial versions of it in order to make them available as improved familiars.

Creating an improved familiar is now handled just like creating a regular familiar is handled - create the race in the editor. The same field that sets the Companion Level requirement for an animal companion will now set the arcane caster level requirement for an improved familiar, and will require the improved familiar feat if that value is greater than 0. You can also set an optional alignment (I'm sorry that setting that alignment doesn't also set it for the familiar), and the program will enforce the restriction that the master's alignment be near it.

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