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Shadowfoot July 14th, 2020 07:21 PM

Changing Initiative in campaign theatre
I've had trouble adjusting characters positions during combat. What is the best way to do the following:
  • Add a new character (PC or NPC) who wasn't off camera. This can be necessary due to characters actions attracting enemies from an adjacent room during combat.
  • Move a character's position after they are knocked out (PF2)
  • Have a character delay then act. I've seen the character's position reinstated at the point they were initially rather than the character they acted after.
  • Adjust a character's position due to incorrectly recording it. (My players prefer to physically roll the dice and I sometimes put the wrong value when adjusting the value.)

charlieluce July 14th, 2020 07:54 PM

From my experience:

For the first, you can do Enact Script in Tactical Mode. You can even create a script while in Tactical Mode, go back into the Stage, and enact it.

For the second, I'd just Defer the character and have them "Act" at the end of any turn that they revive (then again, I'm not sure I fully understand that rule).

For the third, you have to make sure that you first select the character is Done Deferring, then have the character Act. I've given myself trouble by doing it wrong.

For the fourth, one of the things you can adjust by clicking the character picture to the left in Tactical Mode is the initiative number.

Shadowfoot July 14th, 2020 11:36 PM

Thank you, especially for the fourth as it solves most of the issues. I do remember seeing the initiative number ages ago then forgot it.

Joe July 21st, 2020 11:32 AM

1) Exactly as charlieluce said, you can enact scripts (or even create scripts) while in tactical mode. If you already have the next room's worth of monsters in a script, this is convenient.

Also, if you want to just ad hoc add individual NPC cast members, you can do that from the Cast Members view. Click their ellipsis (...) menu, and "add to stage" should be an option. You can do this during tactical mode as well.

2) It sounds like you already discovered how to change their initiative. You can also click the character's portrait and change their stage placement from "On Camera" to Out of Action. This will change what tab they display on with the same names. If you're using the All tab, they will still be displayed in their initiative order. So it kind of depends on what you want as a GM.

3) It sounds like you've already got the info on "Done Deferring" vs "Undo". Definitely use the former if you want the initiative to get automatically updated. The latter does what it says on the tin and "undoes", putting it back exactly where it was before.

Sidenote that Defer and Ready behave similarly, the only difference being that "Use Readied Action" will slot the initiative before the current turn character instead of after.

4) Exactly as charlieluce said, clicking the portrait allows you to manually edit initiative at any time for any reason (along with several other useful options). We plan to enhance this in the future (e.g. moving a character immediately before/after some other character without having to figure out exactly what initiative values need to change)

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