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jfrazierjr April 7th, 2022 06:52 PM

Any HL/PF2e videos?
I did a search on Youtube and a quick check to see if there were any pins on the forum but did not find anything that stood out.

What I assume is the official LoneWolf Youtube channel has some old videos and and short (1 min) trailer for HLO, but nothing of substance of how to use it.

The skinny is that I am considering converting from D&D 5e to Pathfinder 2, but the MOST important consideration for is how well HLO(or any other thing) would replace DnDBeyond for campaign management, encounter creation(including looking up creatures by type(fey vs dragon vs plant, etc), level/threat rating/CR, and various other filter mechanisms that should be available to a database of creatures.

Opinions on how good the game system(either D&D 5e or Pathfinder2e) is or is not is completely secondary to me if the TOOLS SUCK or don't exist(hell, I would be playing DnD4e right now if I still had full access to the digital tools I had with DDI 10 years ago)

I have looked at the scenes functionality of HLO using the apprentice account functionality but it seems rather unintuitive.

Has anyone done any detailed videos they could point me to for setting up and showing everything HLO can do? Basically, a character builder is a good thing, but not nearly enough for me to switch game systems. Im not afraid to spend a bit of money to buy book contents, but I am not going to waste it for something that won't meet my needs.

haibane April 9th, 2022 09:59 AM

Not a popular opinion on here, but the closest thing to DNDbeyond will be Pathfinder Nexus. I highly recommend you start out with Pathbuilder and the primer on Pathfinder Nexus. Then, if you want a really good character builder jump into herolab. To me it does everything better, but I wouldn't recommend starting there for new to PF2E player.

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