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Annatar August 14th, 2016 02:45 PM

Banners and other wargear
The implementation of banners in the data files has been problematic for some time.

The previous major version (3.0) still implemented the banner rules from The One Rulebook, which said a model loses all other equipment (except armour) when carrying a banner, and the banner itself was basically a special kind of two-handed weapon.

The Hobbit rules are much more relaxed (and much shorter), and there, a banner is just a piece of equipment.

Also, the GW FAQ for the Hobbit rules is pretty explicit about this.

Q: If a model is equipped with a banner or a war horn can it still be upgraded with other equipment such as spears and shields? (pg 72)
A: Yes.

So in the most recent update (4.2, uploaded earlier today), Iím trying to make the data files conform to the Hobbit rules, by relaxing the restrictions.

I donít really see any restrictions on what a model can carry in combination with a banner. As the FAQ entry shows, you can clearly equip spears and shields at the same time.

I feel that in real life, it makes no sense to equip a banner and a normal two-handed weapon at the same time, but I donít see any justification in the rules to restrict that either.

Please let me know if you have any concerns about this, and if so, please clarify both what you interpret the restrictions to be, and how you reached that conclusion.

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