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Bluefool November 27th, 2007 07:07 AM

Nope, thats it.
Well, the death blow finally happened. We played a game of SST this past weekend and fun was had by all, and I even got a bug report in over the weekend for the file...but then....

Every single local store and all of the internet stores I buy from have now dropped SST. I can't buy it anymore except from Mongoose, and my experiance with their mail order has been bad to say the least (can you say months of waiting after they cash the order before anything shows up, and then its wrong when it does get here?) The local guys have even dropped *all* Mongoose products saying that delivery is so poor they can't stock them.

So, I'm afraid thats the final nail in the coffin for SST for me. It was a great game while it lasted.

For any die hards that want to take over the file, drop me a line at the adress listed in the file and we can transfer it over.

bartelsmr January 10th, 2015 08:21 AM

Starship Troopers Files...
I know that this is old, but where are the HeroLab data files for Starship Troopers? I'm involved with a campaign, and have been for over a year. If I can get these data files, I'll get HL for D20 (I already have it for Shadowrun and Savage Worlds, the only D20 I am currently playing is Starship Troopers...). If old, and I do any updating (no promises), I would be willing to share my output.

Many thanks in advance!

If this is merely I don't know where to look (I've been searching the site for the last hour, time to give up! I did download the file for the SST Army Builder, but that really wasn't what I was looking for.), please point me in the right direction...

Again, many thanks to anyone who can assist!


Paragon August 20th, 2017 02:22 PM

[Nothing to see here, move along...]

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