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Old December 5th, 2018, 08:49 AM
New content available
  • SF – A new Alien Archive 2 package is now available. This week, we’re rolling out content for players to use on their own characters, including the PC versions of new races, the polymorph spells and adjustments to apply the effects of polymorphing, new armor, weapons, magic items, and many other gear items. The NPC races from Alien Archive 2 will be added soon, and will be a free update for anyone with the Alien Archive 2 package.

Changes and improvements
  • Enabling spell descriptions option in printout now includes full spell information description
  • Equipment items that are equip-able have had "Equip" added to the table header
  • SF - Adds tables for configuring Polymorph forms from AA2
  • SF - Tweaked spell headings to display e.g. "1st-level" instead of "1"

Bug fixes
  • Adds loading game system message to select character view, which checks for fully loaded game system before showing character select options
    • PF2 - KNOWN ISSUE: The Pathfinder 2 game system takes significantly longer to load than the Starfinder game system. We are investigating why and hopefully will be able to reduce or eliminate the loading time difference between them.
  • Fixes an issue where the "Create new" would not appear initially on the select character screen
  • Fixes "Failed to invoke 'GetLeads' because user is unauthorized" and similar errors
  • Fixes the error "TypeError: Cannot read property 'gameSystemId' of undefined" that could appear intermittently
  • Fixed heightened spells not appearing in the proper spell grouping
  • Fixes a bug where having an already selected game system would not bypass game select screen and navigate user directly to character select screen

Game mechanics
  • SF - the unarmed strike on powered armor that was not size M was incorrectly taking a -4 to attacks for being a weapon that was not the same size as the wielder.
  • SF - The Sarcesian race's unarmed strike was receiving a -4 to attacks for being a weapon that was not the same size as the wielder.
  • PF2 – Added new adjustments for Circumstance Penalty; Conditional Penalty; Item Penalty; Check Penalty; Check Penalty, Conditional and Check Penalty, Circumstance.
  • PF2 – Added an adjustment for the Sanctified Ground spell
  • PF2 - Fixed Resist Energy spell adjustment not displaying its description text.
  • PF2 - Fixed Resist Energy spell adjustment so that more than one Resist Energy adjustment can be used at a time.
  • PF2 – Powers were not displaying their spell point cost
  • PF2 – The Holy rune did not have its action type set.

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