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Old December 3rd, 2017, 02:12 AM
So the Gem Elementalist adds their own spells as additional select-able spells at different levels. What is the best method for adding these spells as allow-ables?

I am adding the Custom.<element> tag to the spells I added in the user file to help with this and I think I need to inject that into some other spells. I think the source material is treating the spells as domain style spells that you can pick up as part of the selections the sorcerer gets to make.

Edit: Ok so I decided to take a take another approach. I am pushing tags to selections to activate these spells for the spell list. How do I hide the spell? Trials with removing and assigning sClass tag is just not working and Helper.Disable isn't working. Is there a simple tag and timing I can use for this process?

Edit2: Using source lock until I learn a better method.

Forum link for my content work:
Pathfinder Thread
Forum link for SU 5e content work:
5e Steven Universe Thread
This link is for my group, but feel free to play it with:
DMM 5e | "https://www.dropbox.com/s/vsd9w1eodlnwjq0/updatesDMM.xml?dl=1" Copy this link to your update manager to get updates when available.
This adds the Pisky subrace to elves from Berserk! and additional subraces for the Gem Race.
Please post comments in the provided threads above.

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