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Old November 20th, 2017, 07:38 AM
Hi all!

I have a custom weapon:
<thing id="wpSREncSta" name="Enchanted Staff" description="Made of a wood unknown to most of the world, your character’s elegant staff is a powerful weapon and tool for magic work. The staff has 10 PPE (which regenerate at the same rate as the caster), grants a +1 to all spellcasting rolls for AB: Magic and AB: Miracles, and contains two spells (powers) of the player’s choice, which can come from any list. Finally, it’s a combat-worthy staff (Str+d6, Reach 1, Parry +1, two-handed) that even does Mega Damage if 2 PPE is channeled through it that round." compset="Melee">
<fieldval field="wpParry" value="1"/>
<fieldval field="wpReach" value="1"/>
<fieldval field="wpSpecial" value="MegaDamage (2 PPE); 2 Spells of choice"/>
<tag group="Equipment" tag="TwoHand"/>
<tag group="WeaponType" tag="FutMelee"/>
<tag group="Hide" tag="Equipment"/>
<tag group="WeaponDie" tag="3"/>
As you can see, it has no STR Minimum. However, when I add it to the character, it is flagged as not having met the strength minimum. Also, it shows damage as d4. If the Strength goes to d6, then if shows STR+d6 for damage, and removes the no minimum message.

Am I missing something?

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Old November 20th, 2017, 08:51 AM
The damage is right. All STR-based weapons max out on their regular damage at the same level as strength of the character, see SWD p. 48 under "Minimum strength", so a Str+d6 weapon in the hands of a d4 Str character should, correctly, only do d4+d4, not d4+d6.

As for the min strength requirement, it looks like HL interprets the Strength Die field as doubling for min strength if it isn't otherwise set, for some reason. You might do like the Telescopic Club does and just put it into the Special Damage field instead.

Edit: Actually I see now why HL does it that way, in the same section of SWD I mention above it states "If a weapon has a damage listed as Str+d8_2, for instance, then the minimum Strength the wielder must have is d8." So the damage die, by RAW, implies a Minimum Strength even if one isn't, otherwise, listed. So the appropriate workaround would, indeed, be to list any damage that ignores that rule as Special Damage instead (and the description should probably note that it ignores that requirement as well.)

Lenny Zimmermann
Metairie, LA, USA

Data files authored (please let me know if you see any issues with any of these if you have/use them):
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