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Old December 21st, 2016, 04:38 PM
I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! Our release is a little early this year, on account of Christmas. Three books to stuff stockings or stick under a digital tree! Paths of the Righteous has a bunch of prestige classes associated with the lesser known goodly deities of Golarion. The First World allows users to take service with the eldest, and gain special boons for their obedience. Mythic Hero's Handbook offers new options for characters of legendary ability!

For anyone looking to pick up our new data packages, you can find them here:

Paths of the Righteous
The First World, Realm of the Fey
Mythic Hero's Handbook

New Releases
  • The Mythic Hero's Handbook from Legendary Games is now available! (Please note that the Mythic Class Abilities from chapter 2 are not yet available, and will be added in a future update.)
  • The First World, Realm of the Fey is the final book in the Pathfinder Campaign Setting #17 package!
  • Paths of the Righteous is now available as the first book in our Pathfinder Player companion #25 package!
  • Chapter 4 of the Strange Aeons Adventure Path is now included in the Strange Aeons AP package!

Enhancements & Changes
  • When using the Customize options for an NPC race, "Customize Racial Special Abilities" now allows the addition of new subtypes.
  • Initiative now shows a calculation breakdown when you hover over the final value with your mouse cursor.
  • For an NPC using the average or maximum hit point option, or for a PC using the Pathfinder Society rules (or the animal companions/eidolons/familiars/other minions of those characters), the hit point entries on the classes tab are now auto-calculated, and can no longer be edited by the user. This allows Hero Lab to make changes to those values in cases where they change - for example, if a template changes the Hit Die type for a race.
  • Eidolons are now tracked on the In-Play tab regarding if they are "adjacent" or "within reach" of the hero on a single ability vs. on each thing seperately. This allows feats and abilities such as the feats Defending Eidolon, Focused Eidolon, and Vigilant Eidolon to apply their effects with respect to the eidolon being within reach or adjacent without having multiple controls doing the same thing.

Bug Fixes
  • The rule for Pathfinder Society characters requiring that if a character worships a deity, that deity's alignment must be within one step of the character's own was not being enforced.
  • The various pre-built spellbooks from Ultimate Magic chapter 2 were showing as valid for PFS characters.
  • When using variant multiclass from PU and taking sorcerer secondary class with the Draconic bloodline as your choice, Draconic resistances was not being gained at the proper level.
  • Magic Items which granted skill ranks to a 3rd skill were not having the helper ability with the 3rd selector sort near them, which could cause confusion as to what that selector was associated with.
  • The Staff of Transmutation had an incorrect version of Baleful Polymorph as its staff spell, which complained if the character did not have a certain deity.
  • Deadly Aim was not benefitting physical kineticist blasts when activated.
  • Certain Advanced Weapon Training options were being treated as the normal weapon training they selected, and adding a stacking bonus to attack and damage for the same weapons.
  • The Dragon oracle mystery was not showing the Talons of the Dragon revelation.
  • Exalted Prestige class Expanded Portfolio Spell like abilities were showing on the class tab in two different tables.
  • The Salty Dog trait was not granting proficiency with a choice of piratical weaponry.
  • In equipment sets, shields were not mimicing some of the behaviours they had when equipped normally. They were able to be combined with a shield bash without validation error for example, and if a buckler and combined with an off hand attack was not eliminating the shield bonus to AC.
  • The Boon Companion feat was able to select Eidolons and Phantoms to benefit from it.
  • For Synthesist summoners who chose the Avian form for their eidolon, the comparative size of the two was raising errors when the small evolution was bought off.
  • The Ranger Combat Style slayer talent was delaying its availability by 2 levels when taken by a druid with the Nature Fang archetype, as though it were an advanced talent.
  • The shaman and oracle version of Life Link are now seperate.
  • The Mindblade Magus archetype's mindblade weapon was raising an error when the hero was set to use Automatic Bonus Progression from PU.
  • Feronia was not showing as legal for Pathfinder Society organized play.
  • The adjustment for Blade Tutor's Spirit was not having its effect.
  • Gifted Linguist was causing an error.
  • The wyvaran's Slapping Tail ability was still showing as a weapon even after being replaced by an ART.
  • The scarred witch Doctor's scarshield ability wasn't applying its AC bonus.
  • The nature's fang was showing it was able to use studied target on more than one target at a time.
  • If the average or maximum HP rules were in use, and additional HD were added to a monster with racial HD, the number of hit points listed on the race would change to be the average/max hp for the new HD total, which should not be the case, because the new hp for the new HD are stored on that Additional HD entry, meaning that in this case, a creature ended up with too many hp.
  • If the average or maximum HP rules were in use, and the HD size for a monster changed (for example, because a template changed the creature's Type to one with a different HD size), the racial hp and hp on additional HD would not be recalculated. Note that this change has only been applied to NPCs - PCs may still set their hp as they choose, even if they use the convenience of having their hp default to the average values.
  • The hp of a template with its own hp were not altered by turning on the average or maximum hp optional rules. This has been changed, so that like the hp of a race, the hp of a template are auto-calculated if one of those rules is turned on.
  • For the animal companion/eidolon of a PFS character, the hp of the minion's HD were not always arranged in the proper order to calculate the average rolls for those hit dice, which could lead to incorrectly calculated hp totals.
  • The Scion of Humanity ART for Aasimars was replacing the character's type and subtype, but should only count as having the Human (humanoid) type - Outsider (native) is still present.
  • The Heroic Fortune, Mass Heroic Fortune and Malediction spells were missing their spell component descriptions and component costs.
  • Bards with the geisha archetype were retaining the ability to equip shields without adding arcane spell failure.
  • Mechanical Empathy was showing on the Tracked Resources table with no uses.
  • Battle Scion was not adding a starting spellbook.
  • Echoes of Lives Past was not able to select skills for its bonus.
  • The Bouda Witch archetype was not removing a hex at higher levels.
  • The Draconic Hero archetype was not removing aspects.
  • The Derro race was missing darkvision.
  • The option to allow a player character to add racial HD was not working. If the option is still not appearing, please save and re-load the file.
  • As clarified in a recent FAQ in the "Golarion Rules and Questions" section, the sword-saint samurai archetype now replaces mounted archer.

Data File Authoring
  • Normally, equipment with the Helper.Helper tag is not really gear on its own - it's just there to add functionality to another piece of gear, so by default, equipment with that tag is not resized when a polymorph effect changes a character's size. The tag Helper.PolyHlpSiz overrides this, allowing equipment with Helper.Helper to be resized. An example of this is the weapon portion of Armor Spikes, which are only added through an item power, so they have Helper.Helper, but should be resized when a character polymorphs.
  • Added the AddReq.ShiAny tag, which disables the special if no shields are equipped.
  • Added the tags Hero.EidolonRch and Hero.EidolonAdj. These tags let the hero and eidolon know its in-play position relative to the summoner hero for effects that depend on that.
  • Feats like Magical Aptitude and Persuasive now assign the Helper.SklBonFt tag to the skills they modify, so that prereqs can test whether they will be adding to a skill that has already been improved by a feat of this sort.

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Old January 17th, 2017, 08:24 AM
When can I expect the Pathfinder 2017 RPG Bundle?

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Old January 18th, 2017, 06:23 AM
Originally Posted by Saint Bernard View Post
When can I expect the Pathfinder 2017 RPG Bundle?

We'll create the 2017 bundle when there's something for us to put into it. I think our first 2017 package is going to be released in March or so, so look for it around then.
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