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Old March 27th, 2013, 07:19 AM
I have pushed the new release out there for various reasons. The big reason that I started adding a big addition to this and knew I wouldn't get it done in time. So I thought it better to release early rather than have half finished code in a release.

Here is the list of items in this release.
Cleaned up display on various tabs.
Removed Broad skills from increase skill list.
Added Psionic skills to their own advance.
Skill and ability advances added.
Character sheet updated - skills spillover to page 2.
Updated skill tab with labels for basedie and totals for clarity.
Changed Cybertech so you can still buy it in advancement mode.
Added Mutations to Advancements. (Cost?)
Added Cybertech to its own area on character sheet.
Added Mutations to its own area on character sheet.
Ability score advancements are in under abilities.
Updated manual.
Cleaned up errors received on some perks and flaws.
Bonus Max LRP for Free Agents added. Looks strange because Free Agents have no PER minimum, so can have one LRP but with zero cost listed for more.
Updated to account for Profession for list-1 cost for skills.
Implemented armor penalties.
Implemented minimums for professions on ability scores.
Implemented a warning for going over an extra broad skills.
Added Mindwalker Situation bonus.
Added durability to sheet.
Make action check stand out on sheet.
Rearranged personal information on sheet.
Changed wording from base die to situation die.
Added broad skill limit for starting characters. (Warning only.)
Added Psionic skill summary tab.
Fix listed profession if they have secondary. Made sure primary is the one listed.
Change color of specialty skills on character sheet to something darker.
Questions about the release go here. If you find any errors, please post them in the Error thread I started.


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Old March 27th, 2013, 07:47 AM
A few notes.

Really happy and excited about this release! I think I got a lot of good stuff in there. This time around, I used it for my weekly game and that helped give me a lot of good feedback as well as really test it. I'm sure I have missed some things but I was happy with how well it worked.

Besides a lot of the behind the scenes coding and clean up, the big change is the character sheet. Again, making them, printing them out and having my players use them really gave me some good insight and feedback into them. I think this could be used for a modern or future game, including Star*Drive, because Psionics are in there.

And, as usual, my thanks to Mathias and everyone at Lone Wolf for all of the support as I do this. I couldn't have done it without them and really appreciate their support as well!

Comments and questions are welcome!

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