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Old March 20th, 2013, 04:46 PM
A new update of the Pathfinder files for Hero Lab is now available from the automatic updates mechanism within Hero Lab.

This update adds Player's Companion: Dungeoneer's Handbook to our existing Player's Companion: Golarion #5 package. This package is available for $4.99 and already contains Animal Archive, and will get another player's companion supplement, once Paizo publishes more of them.

This update also adds player content from Pathfinder #68, and has a number of bug fixes.

Here's the complete change list, copied from the FAQ:
New Releases!
  • Content from Dungeoneer's Handbook is now available as the second book in the Pathfinder Player's Companion Golarion #5 package.
Enhancements & Changes
  • Note for those who use Skill Tricks: The Skill Tricks item in the skills list is now only usable if the new "Use Skill Tricks" optional rule is turned on. We've decided to hide this for most users, becuase we only include the option to take skill tricks, and do not include any actual skill tricks. We've found that the presence of that item in the skills list was confusing to our users who aren't familiar with this option, which is not an official rule in Pathfinder, but a concept from 3.5. If you do use Skill Tricks in your campaign, you can re-open the Configure Hero form in order to turn on that optional rule from the Character menu.
  • Added player content from Pathfinder #68 "The Dancing Hut".
  • More NPCs from the NPC Codex have been added. In this update, we have Arcane Archer, Commoner, and Dragon Disciple. To use these, choose "Import Stock Hero" from the Portfolio menu, and choose the class you want to draw NPCs from. More classes will be added over the next few updates until we've made all the NPCs in the NPC Codex available.
  • Custom wands, scrolls, riffle scrolls, and potions now include the full description of their spells instead of just a summary, and are now shown on the "Abilities & Gear Description Appendix" printout option.
  • Spells added to a scroll can now have a number of copies set (instead of having to add the same spell multiple times).
  • For characters with a faction, moving your mouse over the summary at the top of the Journal tab will show you what your item purchase limits will be at the various Fame levels, so you can see how much more fame you will need in order to get to a certain purchase limit.
  • Added an adjustment that can make a skill into a Specialized Skill (If a skill that is a class skill becomes specialized, it gains an additional +1 competence bonus, and if it is specialized but not a class skill, it is treated as if it were a class skill).
  • Added an adjustment which will remove the abilities of a chosen type or subtype.
  • Sorcerer Bloodlines, Oracle Mysteries, and other custom abilities now show a list of what bonus spells they add and at which levels.
  • You can now enter the sourcebook an NPC comes from on the NPC tab.
Bug Fixes
  • The Bottled Ooze alchemist discovery was requiring the wrong alchemist level.
  • The Opportunist advanced rogue talent was showing as being once per day.
  • Lizardfolk had a CR of 1/2.
  • The Kneecapper custom racial trait gave a bonus to CMD vs trip instead of CMB to trip.
  • The Graveknight template wasn't showing all its abilities if the Council of Thieves adventure Path source was disabled.
  • The Expert NPC class could select a non-functional version of the Craft (armor) skill as a class skill.
  • The Vermin Shape I and Vermin Shape II spells were missing from the Alchemist and Magus spell lists.
  • Monstrous Mask was incorrectly marked as not allowed for Pathfinder Society organized play.
  • An otter purchased as a pet had the stats of a blue-ringed octopus.
  • Ghost abilities from Classic Horrors Revisited were calcluating their DCs from racial Hit Dice not total Hit Dice.
  • The Ice subdomain's Body of Ice ability's vulnerability to fire was incorrect.
  • The Racer archetype was adding the Shared Vigilance ability to the master.
  • Vermin familiars weren't getting an Intelligence score.
  • The Corset of Dire Witchcraft wasn't adding its bonus correctly.
  • The Grippli situational stealth bonus is now properly replaced by alternate racial abiliites.
  • The Monk of the Sacred Mountain archetype's Iron Limb Defense ability wasn't adding to CMD.
  • Fixed some incorrect symbols in various Golem 'Immunity to Magic' abilities.
  • The Aasimar summoner favored class bonus was missing.
  • Animal companions for Pathfinder Society character can now learn additional tricks based on Intelligence.
  • The hippogriff is now marked as a quadruped, which corrects its carrying capacity.
  • The qinggong monk's ki abilities were available for selection by other archetypes.
  • Adding a template before a race has been added will no longer generate an error message.
  • The Fortune Revelation from the Dual-Cursed Oracle was generating an error message.
  • If you had the option to shield bash with a buckler (for example, from the Rondelero Duelist Fighter archetype), the Shield Master feat would generate errors when you purchased a buckler.
  • The Thunder and Fang feat was not functioning properly for a magical Klar.
  • Some Ioun Stones that grant bonus feats as their resonant power would show that feat all the time, even if the Ioun stone wasn't in a wayfinder.
  • When selling arrows and other ammunition, the sale price was incorrect.
  • The synthesist summoner archetype wasn't replacing the Bond Senses ability.
  • If a custom potion was made of a spell with "Personal or XXXXX" as its range (Vanish, for example), that spell was incorrectly being forbidden as a Personal spell
  • The Grounded trait was not applying its situational bonus to acrobatics checks.
  • Memorized spells on the spellcasting tab were being grayed out when first used.
  • If you were carrying a buckler, "buckler bash" would show up in the magic items summary, even if your character doesn't have the ability to shield bash with a buckler.
  • The Hardy dwarven ability was applying its situational bonus when replaced by an alternate racial trait.
  • The Blackened Oracle Curse was incorrectly applying the attack penalty to Touch attacks.
  • The Scroll Box was not marked as a container.
  • The Dashboard and Tactical Console summary buttons were showing spells which had been added to a character but not given any memorizations. 0 level spells were also showing as having memorizations, when they are actually unlimited in the number of times you can cast them. Finally, the Favored Metamagic Spells for spontaneous casters were listed mixed in among the rest of the spells known, which was confusing.
  • The character sheet was showing Favorite Metamagic spells among the spells known for spontaneous casters.
  • The Ancestor Oracle Mystery was granting Heroism as a 2nd level bonus spell instead of a 3rd level spell.
  • The Life Oracle Mystery was granting Heal, Mass as a 9th level bonus spell instead of a 8th level spell.
  • The Speak with Dead Domain power was not displaying the text of the spell it counts as
  • The Simple Weapon Proficiency - One had an incorrect description, which referred to Martial weapons.
  • The flexible enhancement ability of the Wood Elementalist Wizard was offering the wrong abilities to select from.
  • The BAB requirement for the Improvised Weapon Mastery feat was incorrect.
Tome of Horrors Complete Changes
  • Swim-by Attack's description text misspelled Fly-by Attack.
  • Swim-by Attack's prereq referred to a missing fly speed if it failed, rather than a missing swim speed.
  • Implemented prereqs for the Mighty Blow, Improved Constriction, Improved Poison, Spirited Runner, Thump, Quicken Shift, Power of Evil, Healing Shift, and Power of Righteousness feats.
  • Power of Evil and Power of Righteousness were not functioning correctly.
  • Resistance to Negative Energy and Resistance to Positive Energy could only be selected once.
  • Fixed several issues on the Undead Lord Template.
  • The Zombie, Brine was missing the Aquatic subtype.
  • Fixed the CR of the the Zombie, Brine.
Data File Authoring
  • The NoTypeAbil tag group has been extended to function for subtypes as well, it removes all bootstraps abilities, stops eval scripts, and prevents the forwarding of class tags. Since Immunities are most commonly what as replaced, added a NoTypeImm tag group which removes only abilities which are immunities.
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Old March 20th, 2013, 07:12 PM
Yay! Subtype removal!

Might I suggest two tags to add to two broad classes of subtypes. The energy subtypes (air, earth, fire, water) and racial (human, elf, etc.) Many templates remove racial or energy subtypes, so having these tags would make applying NoTypeAbil in templates easier.

Last edited by frumple; March 20th, 2013 at 07:23 PM.
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Old April 4th, 2013, 09:45 PM
Are the equipment kits going to have their increased functionality in 8.0?
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Old April 9th, 2013, 04:21 PM
It says you fixed the Vermin familiars not getting Intelligence. My Vermin familiar still does not have Intelligence, how do I fix that?
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Old April 12th, 2013, 03:16 PM
Is there a way to download these updates outside of Hero Lab for import later? I have tried nearly two dozen times to update it, and it gets about halfway and then stops, showing "Error downloading file from remote web-server. This is probably due to a problem with the web-server. Please try again in a little while.". I am not losing internet connectivity during this time.
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Old April 13th, 2013, 05:16 AM
Never mind. Figured it out.
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