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Old July 13th, 2017, 03:09 PM
We've got several new books in this new update (Adventurer's Armory 2, Aquatic Adventures, and Legacy of the First World), and the Adventurer's Guide is now complete, with the addition of the last two sections (Lantern Bearers and Houses of Perfection). There's also another chapter in the Ironfang Invasion adventure path.

Our newest packages:

Player Companion #27 (already available, this has Heroes of the Darklands and Legacy of the First World)
Player Companion #28 (with Adventurer's Armory 2, and one book, to be announced when it's released)
Campaign Setting #18 (with Qadira: Jewel of the East, Lands of Conflict, and Aquatic Adventures.)
Adventurer's Guide
Ironfang Invasion Encounter Library

New Releases

  • Legacy of the First World is now available as part of our Player's Companion #27 package! Draw upon the power of the fey!
  • Adventurer's Armory 2 is now available as the first book in our Player's Companion #28 package! New tools and tricks of the trade
  • Aquatic Adventures is now available as the final book in our Pathfinder Campaign Setting #18 package! Venture into the ocean depths!
  • The remaining content from the Adventurer's Guide is now available!
  • Ironfang Invasion chapter #5 is now available in the Encounter Library!
Enhancements & Changes

  • The vine trap spell (from chronicles of the righteous) has been adjusted to reflect developer rulings. It is now 5th level, gained the creation subschool, is cast much faster with a shorter duration, and with target rather than area text.
Bug fixes

  • A Life Oracle's channel energy was not increasing beyond 1d6, and was not satisfying prereqs that required channel energy like Selective Channel or Extra Channel.
  • A spellcaster who does not have a high enough ability score to cast all the spell levels allowed by their class at that level was not being allowed to prepare lower-level spells in the higher-level slots (the character should still be allowed to make use of those slots, they are just required to fill them with more spells from lower levels). To make use of this option, add the lower-level spell, and then use the arrows next to the level at the left-hand end of the spell's display to change the slot it is prepared in.
  • The firebug trait should add a trait bonus to bomb attacks, rather than an untyped bonus.
  • When using a polymorph effect to assume the form of certain leshy races, the druid was getting AC or ability score bonuses they should not have been getting.
  • The Naiad and Rougarou races from bestiary 6 were not able to take sylvan as a starting language.
  • Close-quarter thrower was not able to select Throwing shields in general for its benefit, leading to an unresolvable error between it and weapon focus.
  • The Pathfinder Savant was missing Esoteric Magic picks for levels 8-10.
  • Item powers which required user text were not registering the entered text, leading to an unresolvable validation error instructing the user to enter text.
  • Several magic items from Mythic Adventures were missing Mythic Crafter from their construction requirements section.
  • The reformed criminal trait had an unnecessary and functionless activation.
  • The quantium university graduate trait was incorrectly increasing the concentration bonus of all classes, rather than only arcane casting classes.
  • The Wild caller summoner archetype (the version from Heroes of the wild) was missing a warning that it was incompatible with unchained summoners.
  • The Divine paragon cleric archetype was not allowing access to all 3 types of boons from your deity.
  • The Vermin domain was not actually granting a familiar in the program.
  • The Eldritch scoundrel's starting spellbook was not working correctly when the archetype was added to an unchained rogue.
  • The Dragoon cartridge/musket/pistol from villain codex were incorrectly marked as advanced firearms, meaning they were not available in PFS.
  • The Arrowsong's Lament bardic masterpiece was not available to select multiple times.
  • The Rogue (Makeshift Scrapper)'s Supernatural Improvisation ability was not calculating its uses/day correctly.
  • Legendary Games: Mythic Spell Perfection was not working correctly. This has been fixed.
  • Legendary Games: Mythic Awesome Display (Heaven mystery revelation) was adding Cha modifer incorrectly. This has been fixed.
  • The giant slug was missing from the encounter builder.
  • The Vahana template was missing.
  • Class abilities that were enable by default could appear in the activated abilities list on the printed character sheet before the character had reached the level at which they gain the ability.
  • A shaman with the flight hex wasn't gaining levitate at 3rd level.
  • The corsair's pirate weapon training was not adding its bonus.
  • Standard artisan's tools were showing their name as masterwork in the stat block.
  • The claw abilities for the abyssal and draconic sorcerer bloodlines were marked as extraordinary, not supernatural.
  • The spell adustment for strong jaw wasn't affecting an unchained monk's unarmed attack.
  • The steelblood bloodrager archetype's version of Armored swiftness was incorrectly stating it would be upgraded at 5th level.
  • Guileful Lore would, in some cases, add to initiative bonus when something had already changed it to use wisdom.
  • Darting Viper was detecting proficiency for anyone with the martial weapon proficiency (all) feat, rather than just dwarves.
  • When creating custom weapons which were firearms in a campaign with firearm availabilty better than "emerging guns", the price of the weapon was not being reduced by a factor of 4 or 10.
  • When choosing spellbook casting for a custom created monster, spellbooks would not work correctly.
  • The Seal-breaker antipaladin archetypes undead mount was not properly changing the companion's type to undead.
  • Defensive Weapon Training was able to select Advanced Weapon Trainings from melee tactics toolbox.
  • The Overwhelming Power ability was adding to blasts which had been altered to be blades/whips.
  • The Thrune Loyal Agent trait was requiring a faction which was not available to new heroes.
  • Call the Void was not maked as a void element spell for wizards.
  • The Halfling Jinx alternate racial trait was not calculating its DC correctly.
  • The Channel Damage ability of the Soul Warden PrC was not displaying its own channel with an independant pool of uses and an enhanced number of damage dice.
  • The Phantom Blade archetype wasn't granting the benefits of alertness when the blade was stored in the mind.
  • The Training item power had an unresolvable error, requesting text be entered without displaying a box for the user to enter said text.
  • The Massive Weapons ability of the titan mauler archetype was not working when re-used for a different class than barbarian.
  • The Fey subtype for the unchained summoner's eidolon was getting the wrong DR at 12th level.
  • The apocryphal subdomains from Divine Anthology that are subdomains of domains that are available to druids were not available to be selected by druids (specifically, Insect, Lightning, Monsoon, Petrification, and Thorns).
  • A summoner at level 4+ was gaining both Shield Ally and Greater Shield Ally, as separate abilities, instead of having the ability upgraded at 12th level.
Data File Authoring

  • The Helper.SpOverLev tag is now assigned to all spells whose real level exceeds the attribute-limited maximum spellcasting level of the class they are on, but not lower-level spells prepared at a higher level, and all of these spells are assigned Hide.SpellMain, so that they are hidden on the spells tab and the spellcasting section of the in-play tab. Previously, some spells, such as metamagic spells that were changed from a legal level to be over the maximum level allowed, were being missed for the Helper.SpOverLev tag's assignment.
  • Psychic powers now have access to the sMythic field.
  • Added the Helper.NoSpecProf tag. When present on a weapon, a matching WepProf tag on the hero will not result in that specific weapon being proficient. Used for weapon modifications.
  • Added PowerReq.EquipMetal, which causes a weapon item power to require metal equipment to be valid.
  • Added Helper.NoArmClaRd, which prevents a set of armor from having its class reduced by materials and effects like mithral (used for alkenstar fortress plate).
  • Added the Hero.CRShowART tag, which causes custom races to show the ART table, in the case where a race built using the race builder rules is meant to reproduce an existing race and have access to any options that race has.
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Old July 13th, 2017, 03:14 PM
Note: if you downloaded 13.17 and are having problems, please download 13.18 when it's available in a few minutes.
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Old July 14th, 2017, 03:39 PM
We just released a new update for the iPad Pathfinder data files that fixes a crash issue - if you updated Pathfinder on your iPad since this release, please update to version 13.19 ASAP to avoid it.
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Old July 17th, 2017, 12:05 PM
Version 13.19 is now also available for Windows and Mac - this fixes some issues when purchasing firearms with the "commonplace guns" setting (and similar settings) enabled.
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