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Old October 17th, 2017, 01:14 PM
A new update of the Shadowrun 5 files is now available through the updates within Hero Lab. This is a bug fix release.

Here's the complete change list:
Enhancements & Changes

  • Characters can now be identified as "Neutral", in addition to "Ally" or "Enemy". Neutral characters display in a different color on the Tactical Console.
Bug Fixes

  • In advancement mode, when purchasing a vehicle mod whose price calculation incorporates the vehicle attributes, for a vehicle that is a minion of another character, the cost subtracted from the master's cash would not be multiplied by the vehicle attribute, although it looked correct during purchase.
  • If more skills points had been assigned than were available, and Hero Lab was determining the most efficient way to spend karma to pay for the excess, specialties on knowledge/language skills could be changed to use karma, even if there were no excess knowledge/language skill points to account for (which would mean that the knowledge skills were actually underspent, even though that was not being reported).
  • On a quality that has a long name, and a variable rating, and requires the user to enter some text (for example, the variants of the Poor Self Control - Compulsive quality), the box to enter the text would be hidden, so that the user could not enter the details of exactly what the quality was about.
  • The essence costs of the modular connector, hip and modular connector, shoulder were incorrect (0.2 instead of 0.3).
  • When adding an augmentation that is not at the standard grade on a character with an essence hole of the right type to be filled with that augmentation, the amount of essence hole that was removed would not include the essence multiplier from the grade of the new augmentation. This was most noticable if you removed a standard grade augmentation, and replaced it with the same thing, but at a better grade - the essence cost of the standard grade would be removed from the essence hole, leaving no essence hole, and then only the higher-grade essence cost of the new augmentation would be subtracted from the character's total essence, leaving the character at a higher total essence than before upgrading the augmentation.
  • If a character had multiple medkits, all of them would add their bonuses to the first aid skill as stacking bonuses.
  • If a character had a melee weapon that they did not have a corresponding skill for (such as unarmed strike on a character who doesn't train the Unarmed skill), that weapon was being listed in the defenses list for a character, using Agility -1 as the default for that skill. The parry action allows you to add your skill in that weapon to your defense test, but the defaulting rules for skills only apply to normal rolls of that skill, not special cases like this where the skill's rating is being added to a test, so the weapons whose skill you are not trained in are no longer listed as parry options.
  • If a character was not trained in the Gymnatics skill, the Dodge option was still being listed among a character's defenses. Dodge adds your rating in the gymnastics skill to your defense dicepool, and skill defaulting only applies to normal rolls of the skill, not uses like this that specifically refer to the skill's rating. So Dodge has now been hidden from a character's list of defenses if the character is not trained in Gymnastics.
  • The cost of the No Masters lifestyle quality from Hard Targets was being applied in a non-standard manner.
  • When added as an advancement, the Brand Loyalty (Weapons) quality would not apply its bonus.
  • The Chameleon Coating mod normally uses the Side mount, but we've allowed it on melee weapons, which won't have a side mount, so when added to a melee weapon, it was reporting an error about the missing mount. This error message has been removed.
  • The discount for Household gremlins level 2 was incorrect.
  • The Improved Physical Attribute (Strength) adept power was not increasing a character's encumbrance limit.
  • For a character with life modules, in certain circumstances, the dicepools from skills were not being transferred at their full value to weapons or to the dicepools listed on individual spells, meaning those items might show a lower dicepool than they should show.
  • If the Iron Dragon drone was added through the vehicle tab on a character, the minion would have the stats of a normal Steel Lynx, instead of using the improved Iron Dragon stats.
  • On a cybersuite that adds cyberlimbs (such as EVO: InHuman), if you modified the cyberlimbs to add weapons, an error would be reported that you cannot combine a cybersuite with other augmentations, which is correct, but modifications of that suite's own limbs should not count as separate augmentations for that test.
  • Laser weapons on a vehicle were not correctly locating a targeting autosoft that was set up for that weapon, so they would show a dicepool of "-".
Data File Authoring

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Old October 20th, 2017, 07:05 AM
thanks for the update Mathias!

are we ever going to see a fix for the JoaT, Linguistics and other bugs I have reported over a year ago or are those just not going to happen and we're just going to have put up with the buggy code?
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Old November 18th, 2017, 07:57 AM
knock knock...

Any chance of an update on the linguist, linguistics, JoAT language bugs?

Any chance of an update on the status of work on Srun supplements?

Anyone doing any work on this or has it all stopped while herolab online gets built?
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