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Old April 1st, 2014, 02:37 AM
I can post a photo of this if needed to see, but while creating tags, I have a 'short name' and a 'long name', and the long name might be "Chaotic Neutral (9-5)" for creating detailed alignment tags.

I'm going to put the alignment number first to make sure it is seen, and it may be more useful to me anyway. But it was a "surprise" that I could not expand the long portion of the tag which would be under "+ Add Tag". It would also be quite handy to have the *short* version of the tag as one of the columns.

If headers in other locations can not be expanded for "long tag names" or other "long" names that allow for shorter names in columns, this is going to get mightly annoying in a hurry since I can't see. This will also be particularly painful when I have to do special ordering.

Oh! I see, this is to allow for large lists of tags. I would suppose several different views would be useful for scrolling with headers (like "details" in folder view) or "list view" which is what you have. Each type of view has a place.

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