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Old December 12th, 2015, 02:25 PM
So I am working on a bunch of Archetype (via Groups) for a fantasy game. For newbies who want to just select "Barbarian" or "Bard" and it will add Attributes, Skills, Edges and Hindrances. A shortcut character so to speak.

The important part, none of this should be "free" it should cost for each thing added, this is like a partially built character.

Problem is I have learned how to add Attributes and Skills so they don't reflect in the cost. How would I do the opposite?

Example Barbarian:

Pre-Traits 5000 Timing: Before Calc trtFinal
perform #traitadjust[skFighting,+,1,"Barbarian"]
(I of course Bootstrapped in the skill Fighting as well)
The Boostrap counts but not the raise to d6
Fighting 6, 1 of 15 (14 left)

Pre-Traits 5000 Timing: Before Calc trtFinal
hero.child[attrAgi].field[trtCreate].value += 1
Agility 6 but still 0 of 5 (5 left)

So do I need to actually add code to increase the cost?

perform #resspent[resSkill,+,1,"Barbarian"]

Not sure what it would be for Attributes.

I also tried doing the Skill completely by Bootstrap:
<bootstrap thing="skFighting">
<autotag group="SkillDie" tag="6"/>

Just gives me Fighting d4

It has been awhile since I have worked in HeroLab so have forgotten a bit. Thanks ahead of time.
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Old December 13th, 2015, 03:50 PM
You are right, the bootstrap just adds the skill at d4 for free. If I understand right, you will want the template to give a d6 to the skill, but charge you for both the d4 and d6. Try this:

Priority 5100

perform #traitadjust[skFighting,+,1,"Fighting d6"]
perform #resspent[resSkill,+,1,"Pay For Skill"]
Timing: Before Calc trtFinal

That should work if I understand you right. And you will still want to have the fighting skill bootstrapped in the group, but don't bother with the settings for it.

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