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Old October 9th, 2018, 01:52 AM
This is the first of the weekly RW progress updates that I promised would start this week. Ill try to avoid going into too much detail and provide a summary of where time was spent on RW over the preceding week. When things arise that aren't expected, I'll also include a modicum of explanation, as is the case this week.

Please note that this thread will be locked so it can serve as somewhere that everyone interested can monitor the progress. You are welcome to start other threads to discuss these updates, if you like.

Without further ado, heres the recap for the past week, thru October 7th

One of the big items thats been looming is how were going to be managing everything for KS backers once we get everything completed. Thats something that will ultimately be handled by the CS team, but nobody had yet assessed what was actually in place. So I took a close look last week and discovered we had some ancient spreadsheets that were both incomplete and out-of-sync with everything we have on the server regarding accounts for backers.

We have many backers with wide variety of situations that will all need to be resolved by the CS team. We also have discrepancies between the backer spreadsheets and whats actually in the database. Reconciling those discrepancies manually would be a huge amount of work for the CS team, and managing everything into the future for 1800 backers via a spreadsheet would be a daunting task, not to mention exceedingly prone to errors. We needed a better way.

The CS team needs to do a lot of work to get everything into shape before we can deliver anything, making it clear this couldn't be dealt with later. So I mapped out a way to cleanly handle it all by partially automating the process and addressing the biggest problem areas the CS team faced. Once there was a solid plan, I put some of the foundational automation into place. I also outlined further automation pieces for Steve that hes coding this week, and I began coordinating with the CS team on everything they will need to do.

That effort consumed all of my Realm Works time this past week. However, it allows the CS team to get things into place in parallel while development work continues over the weeks ahead. Steve will be finishing up all the automation work and then getting the CS team oriented in detail. While hes doing that, Ill be switching my focus back to the issues down in the guts of Realm Works.

Thanks, Rob
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