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We break into the month of love with two exciting new prospects for the Pathfinder system. Learn to love (or loathe) several new philosophies from across Golarion, in Disciple's Doctrine. Use the tools found therein to win philosophical debates the adventurer's way, with violence! Speaking of, will your steel prove true enough and your spells mighty enough to destroy the aquatic evil lurking in the Ruin's of Azlant's final chapter? Or will destruction rain upon the unprepared surface lands?

Player Companion #31 (with Disciple's Doctrine!)
Ruins of Azlant Encounter Library

New Releases
  • Disciple's Doctrine is now available as part of our Player's Companion #31 package!
  • Beyond the Veiled Past (Chapter 6) of the Ruins of Azlant Encounter Library package is now available for purchase, completing this adventure path!

Enhancements & Changes
  • The changes to the shifter class described in this thread have been implemented, adding the ability to bypass DR/magic and changing the ability from being a uses/day ability to an hours/day ability.
  • Prestigious Spellcaster now requires the user to select which level of the PrC they wish to add a magic level too.
  • The Stone Warder sorcerer archetype's Power of Stone ability no longer outright disallows the user adding spells with the specified descriptors, as the ban is on Casting said spells, not learning them. Presumably sorcerers with this ability would learn such spells, then apply some other effect (like a bloodline ability or metamagic effect), to replace the banned descriptors while casting them. To make this clear to the user, such spells requiring the removal of the forbidden descriptors now have a note appended to their name.
  • The Pureblooded Azlanti human ethnicity has been altered to conform with the new rules spelled out in Chapter 6 of Ruins of Azlant. An appropriate ability score pick has been added for those wishing to construct an Azlanti using the Advanced Race Guide's point based race building system.

Bug fixes
  • When using the Consolidated Skills rules from Pathfinder Unchained, Barbarians were not adding the correct number of skill points per level.
  • The Metallic Wings feat was causing errors to be thrown when viewed in the feat list.
  • When using Variant Multiclassing from Pathfinder Unchained, the Sorcerer was showing bonus spells from their bloodline on the Spells tab.
  • When selected by a Beast Rider Cavalier, the Boar mount was requiring 7th level, rather than 4th level.
  • The elementalist shifter archetype's Elemental Strike ability was not applying its effects to Unarmed Strikes, and it was not disabling its effects when the hero was affected by any polymorph ability other than the Shifter's Major Form.
  • The Lantern Lighter ranger archetype was not accessible if you only had the Adventurer's Guide.
  • Share Feature could not select the druid's Venom Immunity ability.
  • The shifter's tiger aspect was not getting its rake attack correctly at higher levels.
  • When combined with the base skeleton template, mudra skeletons were hiding the bonus feats they granted.
  • The Unchained eidolon was unable to add the mount evolution.
  • Spells assigned to be specifically available to the Prophet of Kalistrade PrC were not being shown unless they also obeyed the school limitations.
  • The Prestigious Spellcaster feat was not working when added a 2nd or subsequent time.
  • The Shadow Walker rogue archetype's Expanded Sight ability was not correctly increasing existing darkvision.
  • Slipslinger Style's bonus to ranged damage with slings was applying even when not using the style.
  • The Kobold Press version of the Shaman's Spirit's Warning ability was applying both Dex and Cha to AC when Dex was negative, instead of just the Cha.
  • The Ectoplasmatist spiritualist archetype's Ectoplasmic Lash's reach was not increasing appropriately at higher levels.
  • Viewing Signature Strike Triumph in the feat list would generate an error when closing the selection window.

Data File Authoring
  • Added the Helper.ConsSkDiv4 tag, which is applied to class helpers. When the Consolidated Skills rules are in effect, the tagged class will reduce its normal number of ranks per level by a factor of 4 (rather than the usual factor of 2).

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