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Old June 24th, 2020, 04:10 AM
I'm looking at VTTs now and Maptools seems very cool
I never used other than maptool for a vtt, simply because I never needed more.
It got quirks, it got perks

I used maptool for years face to face, laptop to TV over hdmi.
I ran two instances of maptool, create a server as DM with one, then connect to same server with second instance as Player and drag that out to TV for players to see.
Maptool was my presentation tool, and tactical battlemap

Then I can use maptool's fog of war, hidden properties, light blocking, and a new feature- movement blocking. They're always working on it and Jamz is part of the dev team I think. A great and helpful community

I never learned much of the macro language or online features.

times change, Im looking into automating some things.
Everything evolves around the Token.

So guys write macro sets that work together to quickly change a token's data called frameworks.Some advanced frameworks like Wolf42's Bag of Tricks is awesome, allowing you to teleport around the map, or to different maps. for one.
Im using Meleks Simple 5e framework with Wolf42's BOT

With Meleks fw, Actions, such as an attack action is a generic configuration and you specify the data to deliver the attack and damage... instead of picking and calculating from lists and lists of weapons, skills, abilities, racial features, stats etc

I can only speak for Meleks framework as being simple to integrate and use.
Its not complete automatic Token configuration , but allows easy manipulation of mechanics you need to run the game.
You can add the Spellbook framework to have access to loads of Spells
You can add the Treasure framework to generate treasure.
I have a token that has that old cartoon dungeon master with treasure fw I use to fling the bling! lol
You can import maps from PDF's
You can show Hero Lab data from a special tab in the token's config
You can draw maps with Dungendraft and import, which I cant say on, as I cant get Dungeondraft working. Need to upgrade computer
You can import almost any standard image

Maptool can be used straight out the box to drop plain tokens on a grid and start drawing lines, and then as you learn add sophisticated things to it.

It can be daunting, but most rewarding when you get it to do some things
but thats just me
happy gaming

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Old June 25th, 2020, 07:53 AM
Originally Posted by Venger View Post
Yes sir, I joined recently. Theres currently none, and I find it difficult to ask someone to do that scope of work needed to write an importer. Many lines of code.
I find Meleks fw very easy to configure tokens though
Im loving the integration and advances in Maptool and Hero Lab
Thanks for replies Jamz
No problem. Generally, an importer like this can be a lot of lines of code but a lot of copy/paste as it's generally the same "pattern". For instance it, to get Alignment, it may be something like:

[h: Alignment = herolab.XPath('/document/public/character/alignment/@name')]

And then getting Size, space, reach it may be like:
[h: Size = herolab.XPath('/document/public/character/size/@name')]
[h: Space = herolab.XPath('/document/public/character/size/space/@value')]
[h: Reach = herolab.XPath('/document/public/character/size/reach/@value')]

So depends on how familiar you are with XML and Xpath but it's not terribly difficult. You can use other tools to test and built them outside of MapTool if needed.

Someone (you?) could possibly create a macro to get a bulk of the properties like this, leaving more complicated ones to be done via the framework's normal method. Maybe. Depends on how he does things.

Mostly it's busy work looking up where certain things are stored in the XML more than anything and matching it with the property used in MapTool. It depends on how he stores the same data in MapTool (like storing all Attributes in a single JSON in a Property called Attributes vs storing in six properties called Str, Dex, Con, etc.


RPTools.net | MapTool Discord Invite

Download Latest MapTool Release | Download Latest TokenTool Release
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Old July 2nd, 2020, 03:11 PM
d20Pro is fairly basic for a VTT.
Any picture that is used for the HL portfolio is read fine, and the digital token is generated.

I need to manually modify the initiative, any fast heal/regeneration, for an import.
A lot of the classes we're using aren't pathfinder specific (Community Pack's Path of War and Spheres of Power/Might), so those aren't read correctly.
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