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Old March 5th, 2019, 03:38 PM
Long for the great outdoors? Well long no more, with all new shifter aspects and a variety of other nature-focused content in Wilderness Origins, out now! Wildlands too tame for you? Then follow the War For the Crown AP across the planes and back again with the exciting final chapters "The Reaper's Right Hand" and "City in the Lion's Eye". And if you're looking for some new adventure to embark on, feel free to use the Player's Guide for the next exciting AP, Tyrant's Grasp!

Plus all the usual bug-smashy goodness! Happy March, folks!

Player Companion #34 (with Wilderness Origins!)
War for the Crown Encounter Library

New Releases
  • Wilderness Origins is now available as part of our Player's Companion #34 package!
  • The Reaper's Right Hand, Chapter 5 and City in the Lion's Eye, Chapter 6 of the War for the Crown AP are now available in our latest Encounter Library!
  • The Player's Guide for the Tyrant's Grasp adventure path is now available as a free update for all users.

Enhancements & Changes
  • Added an adjustments that appends more information to something's description text and one that overwrite's something's description text.

Bug fixes
  • The Creeping Doom spell was showing twice for Druids, at both 7th and 8th level.
  • When using Bestiary Monster Creation, the Custom Race Name would be lost when adding a template.
  • The Shoggti Qlippoth was missing its stock portfolio, so it was not showing in the Encounter Builder.
  • The Thulgant Qlippoth was missing its stock portfolio, so it was not showing in the Encounter Builder.
  • The Ranged Study feat was not allowing studied strike to apply attack and damage bonuses to the chosen ranged weapon.
  • Weapons with Fixed Damage Text (such as alchemist bombs) were not showing thier damage in the Tactical Console.
  • The Touched by Divinity campaign trait was not showing it's usage tracker on the in-play tab.
  • The First Mother's Fang archetype's Serpent Mount was not increasing the damage of its bite from 1d3 to 1d4 at 4th level.
  • Weapon Focus selecting the Orcish Hornbow was not recognizing proficiency when that was gained through Orcish Weapon Familiarity.
  • The Orcish Hornbow was displaying as proficient in the weapons list for all characters.
  • The Witch (Synthesist) symbiosis ability was changing master's size when merged with familiar when the ability does not do so.
  • The Brawler (Venomfist)'s Venomous Strikes was not describing the poison it adds, and was listed twice in special tab.
  • The Powerful Shape feat was not applying its effects while the character is in Wild Shape.
  • The Samurai (Warrior Poet) archetype might not offer any versatile performance abilities to choose from for users with the Class Packs entry path.
  • The Technomancer PrC was not granting proficiency with guns if the Firearm Availability was set hign enough that guns became martial or simple weapons.
  • Several feats and other picks were not assigned to the correct books.
  • The Akaname race was calculating the DC for its filth fever incorrectly.
  • The bonded holy symbol item for the Ecclesiarch cleric archetype was not equippable.
  • Skalds were not qualifying for the Increase Damage Reduction rage power.
  • The corsair fighter archetype was not showing the improved deck fighting ability in the class list at 6th level, though it was still granting effects.
  • The Third Eye Divination implement power was not adding see invisibility under the correct circumstances, and none of the sense abilities were showing when added to an Inquisitor with the relic hunter archetype.
  • The Siabrae template was not adding the blight bond ability when added to a druid with an archetype that similarly changed the nature bond of the base class.
  • When using the piecemeal armor variant from Ultimate Combat, Mithral armor material was not reducing the ACP of non-proficient armor which was applied as a penalty to attack.
  • Arcane Training of the Noble class was adding an Extra Cantrip feat which could not select the configurable with the noble's spellcasting.
  • The Coin Shot spell was showing as forbidden for PFS.
  • The Expanded Versatility versatile performance ability was unable to select Sense Motive.
  • The Martial Skill occultist implement power was not calculating the bonus to Base attack bonus for the chosen weapon correctly.
  • The Fungal template applied to the animal companion of a Fungal pilgrim druid was adding the Sylvan language.
  • The Halfling Opportunist PrC's Exceptionally Lucky ability was applying the wrong bonus type to saves.
  • The War-kilt of Sarenrae was applying an enhancement bonus to natural armor, but it should be an untyped bonus.
  • The Hospitaller paladin archetype was getting an incorrect error about overusing lay on hands when out of channel energy.
  • The Hex Strike feat wasn't checking for it's Hex prerequisite correctly.
  • The Atavism spell adjustment was adding the effects of the advanced template twice.

Data File Authoring
  • Added the Helper.PolyIgnoreSpLim tag, for use in conjunction with the generic Change Shape racial special. Normally, the PolyEffect tags for the spell limit what races may be chosen, and there are internal checks to verify a chosen polymorph race matches that spell. FormLimit tags override the choices, but that can result in picking a race which would normally be outside the purview of a particular spell, which will cause errors. Applying this helper tag causes the normal verification mechanisms for race types to be ignored, such that the usual PolyAllow tags (which define what racial abilities from the target race are adopted) for the spell are applied. This is used for the Changeling Familiar feat from Wilderness Origins, which allows Change Shape to a form of the master's race, as alter self. Since alter self is normally limited only to humanoids, but the master could be of any type, this tag is needed.
  • Added the pcNonProfACP field to the PieceArmor pick to store the ACP of non proficient armor pieces.
  • Added the Notes field to adjustments, which is shown if the User.ShowNotes tag is applied.

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Old March 5th, 2019, 03:48 PM
Before you get this Pathfinder update, make sure you've gotten the 8.8f update of HL itself, which became available yesterday - this update depends on some fixes in that version of HL. This also applies to the iPad version - make sure you've gotten 8.8.6 from the Apple Store before downloading the update for the Pathfinder files.
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Old March 10th, 2019, 10:02 AM
Player Companion #34 still describes itself as "Includes Martial Arts Handbook, and one future book, to be announced" on the web page...
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Old March 11th, 2019, 05:20 AM
Originally Posted by darrell_uk View Post
Player Companion #34 still describes itself as "Includes Martial Arts Handbook, and one future book, to be announced" on the web page...
Thank you! We'll update the page ASAP.
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